Please respond to this prompt based on your own reading of Carson’s books, including the selections from Under the Sea-Wind, The Edge of the Sea, and Silent Spring (ch. 1, 2 and 8). Also feel free to use the New York Times Article by Eliza Grisworld, the Monsanto Parody, or any of the quoted materials on the Powerpoint introduction to develop your opinions. Please write in response to this prompt:

Rachel Carson’s knowledge of the environment is best evident in her observations about…(3-4 sentences)
Silent Spring is/isn’t deserving of parody because…(3-4 sentences)
Silent Spring is/isn’t (choose one) relevant to today’s readers because…(3-4 sentences)…
Ultimately, Silent Spring is best regarded by today’s readers as a book whose time has/hasn’t (choose one) passed because…(2-3 sentences).
Based on your responses to each point, please fill up about a complete page of thoughts and opinions. Please post your completed response to the discussion board

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