modify a structure of my article 500 words 1

1. Literature Overview 200 words (includes reference list) 20% (NOT PRESENTED)
Research: You must include in your submission a 200 word review of the sources for you presentation

Your audience will need to be convinced that you have not simply fabricated your ideas. It is absolutely essential that you support your argument with supporting researched, referenced views and / or data from reputable sources.
Research Methodology /Critique and justification /Balanced perspective of main sources used
Types of source: Journalistic / News
Academic Book / online journal
References list
2。Analytical Framework(s) 300-500 words:. 20% (NOT PRESENTED)
An argument or point of view not convincing if you do not clearly demonstrate that you have considered the standpoint of others and either rejected them or used them to support and validate your perspective. Have you drawn conclusions by Triangulation of perspectives – Academic, Journalistic, Business, Sustainability
Balanced Points
Alternative perspectives
Academic theory support
Data evidence
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