Montesquieu and Marx

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Use ideas from Marx and Montesquieu, to analyze : Trump Clinton – kkk Act http:/ Describe your own opinion about this link and compare with Marx and Montesquieu. Use direct quotes from the link and from the files that i will send to you , to support your arguments. (REFERENCES, USE CHICAGO STYLE IN- TEXT CITATIONS WITH A BIBLIOGRAPHY TO CITE YOUR SOURCES.) Please remember the essay must has an introduction, one point of the link, one point to the author 1 Marx, one point to the author 2 Montesquieu, disagreement of point 1, and must has to has another point , point 2 of the link, and author 2 point 1 , marx point 2 and Montesquieu point 2, and agreement point 2. The essay need a stronger thesis, and youciting sources please use in – text citation not footnotes. Pease you need to frame the essay in a way that all the ideas flow smoothly. and 100 per cent original because my teacher use tutorin sofware to