In addition to time, another resource that demands good management in order to succeed is money. How can you best manage your finances in tough economic times? What do you need to do financially to succeed in school? The bottom line is to be wise when borrowing money. This module will help you develop skills to manage your time and money.

Respond to the following:

Jenny has a part time job and her net take-home income is $2000 per month. She needs to allocate her funds to reflect a balanced monthly budget. Jenny’s main categories of expenses include rent, utilities, and groceries.

How would Jenny best utilize her income for the month?
What categories and in what amounts should Jenny allocate her funds to reflect a balanced monthly budget? Include the main categories as well as examples of other categories.

Considering your own monthly budget, what specific behaviors or actions can you take to be more financially responsible and healthy? You need not provide any personal information.

Write your initial response in 1–2 paragraphs.

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