More Funny Ways To Save Money

I was doing research for my web site, on ways to save money. Checking other web sites and discussion forums, I found that the cheapskates are hitting new – and funnier – lows. Choosing a spouse according to how frugal he or she is, and reusing the plastic from bacon packages were just a couple of the serious suggestions. Probably the suggestion that was the most ridiculous was to stop drinking beer. What are we trying to save all this money for? In any case, here are some more funny ways to save money. I suspect, or at least hope, that many of these really are not meant to be serious suggestions. Don’t try these at home. Ways To Save Money? Unplug your clocks at night to save on electricity. Carry powdered drink mix and add it to water when eating out, to save on buying drinks. Install a cat door and train your cat to go outside and to the neighbors yard to go to the bathroom.

This saves you on cat litter and time cleaning the yard. Tell everyone you’ll be out of town for Christmas, so you can shop the after-Christmas sales for presents. Ask your friends to save the labels for you off any new products they buy, so you can put them on your thrift-store purchases when you are buying gifts. Run around the house and close the heater vents in all the rooms except your bedroom before going to sleep. Encourage mice in the house by leaving crumbs around – so your cat will have a free food supply. Learn speed-reading and read books for free while in the aisle at the book store. Leave everything in the same place in your house, so you can easily get around at night without turning the lights on. Bring back rolls of coins from Canada, to use at the laundromat and in pop machines, saving you 20% or more, depending on the exchange rate. Okay, these may be funny ways to save money, but did any of them tempt you? Do you pick up pennies on the street? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just stay on the clock at work for an extra minute? Hey, and while you are there, take a big drink of water – to save on your home water bill.

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