Multinational Corporations
Researchers and theorists suggest that the skills and techniques of a MNC are very different than those of an organization without a global presence. Create a chart comparing and contrasting a minimum of 6 skills and techniques of a manager in MNC vs. a manager in an organization that does not have a global presence (U.S. based domestic company). The chart should be properly labelled per APA standard. In a narrative following your chart, discuss your findings suggesting the management approach you believe is most relevant for an MNC manager.
Please remember to include a succinct introduction and conclusion to your paper and incorporate the use of APA headers within the body as appropriate. No citations should be included in the introduction or conclusion of the essay, nor should any paragraph end with a citation.
Your chart plus subsequent narrative should be 5-6 pages in length and should be supported by a minimum of four academic sources (these should be derived from a reputable source and preferably found via internet search) from which at least 3 direct quotes are incorporated and properly cited (this is in addition to other in-text citations of non-quoted material).
Follow APA format (6th ed.). 1? paper margins, Running head, page numbering in top right corner, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 2 spaces between sentences, no extra space between paragraphs. Include a title page and reference page.

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