need help with 2 assignments for principles of organizational behaviour

Assignment 1Consider the many challenges and opportunities for managers using OB concepts that you read about in Chapter 1 of your textbook and offer for discussion how one or more of them may specifically relate to your current or former workplace/organization. (150Words).

Assignment 2
“Getting More Women on Board” (from Chapter 2 in your textbook)
After reading this Ethical Dilemma then answer the following questions (these questions are also in your textbook): Be sure to refer to your class syllabus for guidelines on completing Exercise assignments.
1. Given that women participate in the labor force in roughly the same proportion as men, why do you think women occupy so few seats on boards of directors?
2. Do you agree with the quotas established in many countries? Why or why not?
3. Beyond legal remedies what do you think can be done to increase women’s representation on board of directors?
(answers to all questions which display good insight and address all important points in detail, clearly written, and using sound reasoning that supports the student’s positions on the issues)

The readings Chapter 1 an 2 are attached below

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