Nervous System Research Paper

AMA format. (American medical association)

Topic 1.) What are the differences between the mail and female brain? how many of those differences are based on nature vs nurture?
1. cover page must be included.(5pts)
2. a reference page MUST be included with 3-5 references.(5pts)
3. at least 2 references MUST be from respected academic journals(5pts)
4. In-text citation is required. (5pts)
For topic 1, student addresses:
a. similarities(10pts)
b. differences(10pts)
c. nature(10pts)
d. nurture(10pts)

5. student introduces paper with at least 3 to 5 subtopics to be addressed. (5pts)
6. student concludes and summarizes their 3 to 5 subtopics. (5pts)
7. student connects all subtopics and addresses their relevance to understanding the nervous system. (10pts)
8. student includes other relevant information on the top. (5pts)

please no plagiarism because I have to turn it in on