New Aircraft Avionics installation and functionality
You are required to produce a report on installing a hypothetical avionics systems on an aircraft which lacks any type of avionics systems. This should be written from the standpoint that you have been tasked as a design engineer to develop a full avionics package for a new aircraft. Using this aircraft as a ‘blank canvas’ you are to describe the functionality of 5 different systems while detailing in depth at least 2 of these. This report should be properly introduced and concluded and cover the following topics:

•The Basic theory and function of 3 out of a chosen 5 hypothetical avionics systems.

•Describe and show a block diagram, electrical cable routing and power source wiring for the above 3 systems.

•Detail the operation of the remaining 2 out of the 5 hypothetical avionics systems. This should include:

o Describe and show a block diagram, electrical cable routing and power source wiring.

o An in depth description of the systems themselves that should include the exact functions of each system.

o The details of any peripherals.

o State which system(s) should employ some form of redundancy, how this is employed and why.

This essay should build on the knowledge gained from your knowledge from the material covered during the modules AE 2709 and AE 2710. Your descriptions and system details as a whole should demonstrate your understanding of which systems are necessary for modern flight and which systems are merely nice to have.

Referencing Requirements:
Include diagrams where appropriate, but remember to cite ALL sources (including diagrams). Full Harvard referencing must be used.

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