New Quarterback


Your team needs a new quarterback. You want to recruit one with a completion percentage of 60% or more AND more than 3500 yards. You would also recruit any that have 20 or more touchdowns AND less than 12 interceptions. In either case, they must be a free agent in 2016. Questions:


1. Add columns as needed and create logical functions to identify prospects. (1.5 points)


2. Sort so that the selected quarterbacks are listed first with a second sort by number of yards. (0.5 points)


3. Add conditional formatting to identify desirable results in each column. (0.5 points)


2. Exercise Equipment


Narrative: You have been working for the sales department for M&M Co. The company sells online exercise equipment. In addition to the cost of the equipment, customers are charged for shipping/delivery. M&M also provides its preferred customers some discount. You have been asked to help in determining the cost of each equipment sold to every customer. Questions:


1. Modify and fix the formatting on this spreadsheet, which shows sales of exercise equipment. (0.5 points)


2. Add additional info to this spreadsheet so that all other formulas can use cell references. a. Add $40 for delivery charge if applicable b. Preferred customers will get $50 off any item over $900 c. State sales tax is 7%


3. Use an excel function to calculate the product cost (including delivery and preferred customer discount). (1 points)

4. Use excel formulas to calculate tax (0.5 points)


5. Use excel formulas to calculate total cost. (0.5 points)



3. Used Cars


Narrative: Hello Motors Co. serves the community in South Bend area by buying unwanted cars, fixing them, and reselling them to the public. Hello Motors determines the selling price of a car by calculating how much money they have put into the vehicle, and then marking up the price by a certain percent.  This percent is determined by the year when the car was manufactured (see the small table below the big one). Questions: 1. Create excel formulas that will calculate the markup percent and price of each car. (2 points: 1 point for each)


4. Wood


Narrative: Advances in science have allowed us to answer an age-old question. Studies show the amount of wood that marmota monax can chuck is dependent on its (a) sex, (b) weight and (c) mood.  Sleepy woodchucks can throw half their body weight.  Confused woodchucks can throw their own body weight.  Irate Male woodchucks can throw twice their body weight.  Irate Female woodchucks can throw 3.5 times their body weight. Based on the amount of wood thrown, scientists classify woodchucks as approachable, adorable, or deadly.  Approachable woodchucks throw less than 4 lbs.  Adorable woodchucks throw between 4 and 15 lbs.  Deadly woodchucks throw over 15 lbs.




1. Create IF functions which use cell references to calculate the weight of wood chucked for each of our woodchucks. (2 points)


2. Create IF functions which use cell references to calculate the designation for each of our woodchucks. (1 points)