New Testament

Does the “Synoptic Problem” present an issue for you and your understanding of the truth of Scripture? How might the differences in story, style and content of the Gospel books actually lead the reader into a better understanding of who Jesus was and what the church believed about Him than they might have with only a single Gospel account? What part did the early Christian Communities have in authorship? What do the Early Church Fathers tell us? ( example, much of the material that appears only in Luke’s Gospel highlights Jesus’ concern for women, the poor and social outcasts. Luke was not a disciple, so where did he get his material from? The parables unique to his accounts – such as the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, and Lazarus and the rich man – emphasizes unexpected reversals of society’s accepted norms. What view of Jesus’ character and teaching do you think Luke wishes to promote? Do you think this portrayal should affect the actions and priorities of those who follow Christ?Posts should be 150-200 words. Initial responses due Wednesday by midnight, with follow-up posts due by Sunday at midnight. Be sure to watch your grammar, punctuation, and spelling and cite any sources in APA style.
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