New Year Resolution Tips For 2009 to Help You Have Your Best Year Ever

It does not matter if it is 2008 or 2016, as the end of each year approaches we find ourselves looking back on our achievements over the past several months and reflecting on our lives up to this point. The end of the year passes so quickly that it seems we have stepped into the next year with a blink of an eye.

The last 1-2 months is the time of year you should be thinking about your personal and professional goals for the upcoming year.

A time to make those New Year resolutions.

It would be rare to find   someone  that doesn’t have great aspirations for the new year. We all have dreams of making more money, losing more weight, being more healthy, taking long vacations, the new car, a better job, and the list goes on.

A few weeks after the New Year celebration and many of us have already forgotten what we hoped to achieve. The desire to achieve something better tends to take a back seat as we strive to keep up with the day to day demands of our fast paced lives.

The problem with achieving most of our resolutions is that they are too broad in definition, lack an end point, are boring or just simply too unrealistic to achieve.

We need to understand the benefits and repercussions of each and every one of our resolutions. It is important to understand why we want what we desire, before we can create a road map that will take us there. A road map that gives us a direction to super achievement one step at a time.

Today, start creating your road map for a better year.

1. Make a list of all that you desire. Then take the 12 most important things from the list and make it your mission to achieve one per month.

2. Make a list of all the things you have accomplished in your life. Review it daily and when you are feeling down. This will give you inspiration and help your self esteem. You will most like find you are already a success in your personal achievements.

3. Discover your true passion- what makes you want to get up in the morning, makes your heart beat a little faster, you love to talk about, you would enjoy doing if you were locked in a room.

4. Love  someone  loving another makes us feel good and when we feel good we are more motivated, creative, inspired, less stressed, and feel like we have a purpose.

5. Allow  someone  to love you- chances are if you resist love you have not been in many relationships or your relationships had a bad outcome. Allowing  someone  to love you and loving  someone  in return can be a life changer if you allow it to happen.

6. Read a new book every month. This will improve your knowledge, vocabulary and how you look at the world. You may even get inspired to start writing your own book.

7. Start that hobby you have been putting off and share it with the world-share your passion with the world and see where it takes you. Create a blog and write about your passion or hobby.  I  guarantee you there is  someone  out there that wants to know what you know.

8. Learn to network, one person at a time. Start interacting with others with similar interest and passions. Join groups online that share your interest.

9. Walk more. Unless you are paralyzed, walking is the simplest way of improving your fitness, decreasing stress and clearing your mind.

10. Exercise at least 3 times per week even if you have to do it sitting in a chair. You must make this a part of your life. There is no pill, potion, or book that will help you live a longer, healthier life if you are unwilling to accept that you must exercise.

11. Take a multivitamin- taking a multivitamin once daily may improve your energy and health. In this fast paced world we frequently do not get all the nutrients our body needs on a daily basis. Find a multivitamin you can afford, swallow and does not upset your stomach, then stick with it.

12. Quit smoking one cigarette at a time. It will save your life. Smoking can lead to oral cancer, hardening of the arteries, hypertension, strokes, chronic lung disease and lung cancer. Most lung cancer is not curable by the time it is diagnosed. Do not make the mistake of thinking you are safe as long as you get a chest x-ray every year.

13. Learn a new thing, everyday, and share it with the world. Take the time to listen to what another has to say, take action on it, then teach what you have learned to  someone  else. This will keep you inspired and motivated to keep learning.

14. Start your own blog and make it your online playground- start one for your own personal use, to build a business, write your first book or just interact with family.

15. Get a checkup from your doctor. It is foolish to wait until something breaks down, with your health, before you take action. Approximately one third of people with underlying heart disease suffer sudden death and had no symptoms to suggest there was a problem.

16. Understand the simple things necessary to maintain proper health. We all should know what our ideal cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight need to be for optimal health. Educate yourself by talking to your doctor about what test are recommended at different stages of your life. Preventative medicine is catching things early and dealing with them before they become a long term problem.

17. Improve your diet one meal at a time- making small changes to your diet will be easier to stick with and create less anxiety. If you drink soda with every meal, start by eliminating soda and drinking water one meal out of the day. Then over a period of time eliminate it all together or only have one soft drink per day. The same process with cutting back on carbs and fats in your diet.

18. Teach something you are passionate about to another-teaching another about something you have a passion for will keep you inspired

19. Say hello, with a smile, to everyone you meet. It is contagious.

21. Make contact with old friends. We all find ourselves wondering what happened to that old friend we grew up with, went to school with, or loved. This will give you some peace of mind.

22. Reward yourself when you accomplish something that is important to you- even the smallest of rewards can keep you inspired and motivated to keep up the good work.

23. Say something positive everyday- having a positive attitude can be contagious and lift the spirits of others feeling down.

24. Face your fears- as long as it is not illegal or cause anyone harm, just do it and learn from it.

25. Make “me” time a part of your daily routine-when it comes down to who is the most important person in your life, it is you. If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone else.

26. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

27. Write yourself a letter about what you have dreamed of becoming and accomplishing. There is truth in that popular phrase “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”.

Try adding some of the above to your list of resolutions and get back to adding joy and meaning to your life, one step at a time. If you want to conquer the world or just spend more time with your kids you must have a game plan.

If you want each year to be your best year ever, you must start building that road map now. Get up and start living, today.