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You’ll not only quickly lose the respect of your team, your boss will ultimately see through you and not respect your leadership abilities. Sure, you may get the occasional self-absorbed manager that craves shameless idolatry; but by and large bosses view sucking up as incompetence. 12 – No surprises – Ever tell your boss that your project is on schedule and on budget then at the last minute spring a huge schedule or budget slip on her? Particularly early in my career I’ve had this happen more than once. For it to happen more than once is shameful to say the least. Bosses don’t like surprises where they are forced to accept a problem without having the option to try to fix it before it got out of control. Look, screw-ups happen. Heaven knows that I’ve got more screw-ups to my name than many managers will ever see. The important thing is to own up to your mistakes quickly and outline what you are going to do to rectify the mistake. Being the last one to recognize you’ve made a mistake just diminishes your credibility, so own up to those gaffes and get to work fixing them. Upward management: sometimes a real pain, many times a diversion, but always a necessity. Take stock of your upward management skills and see where you might need to tie up some loose ends using some of these nuggets.

If you still cannot be able to apply for one, you can seek for help from Huduma center, KRA centre, cyber cafe, or you can click on where it is writen contact author to contact me. ID has a zero at the beginning, do not input the zero. Else, you should use 01/07/19– for the year. ONSINYO for Kenyan citizens, we use ID Number. 01/07/1950, it is the default day and month for those without them on their IDs. Mum , and when i insert the year of birth which is 1950. it brings an Error, what format should i use because what i have is only the year of birth? I have also never done so and wonder whether schools are required to have one. Otherwise you should contact KRA for more on this issue. Tinah the best thing for you is to visit the nearest KRA office and they will assist you on this. If you did not apply for that pin online, use the option get password existing taxpayer. Sometimes the site is down and that is when you get that error. You can try the Itax option. Since last week. What could be the problem? Kiki the best thing is for you to ask for another one. Hi, I’m getting stuck on the security stamp part, It’s always wrong, i keep wrong “wrong arithmetic match”. Just follow the procedures here or go to a cyber cafe. For these you put 1st July and then the year indicated on the ID. It is simple Peter, just follow these instructions on this article. If you are not good at computers, you can visit any cyber cafe and you will be helped out. KRA ofice near you and they will advice you accordingly. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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