Number Analysis Program

Design a program that asks the user to enter a series of 10 numbers.  The program should store the numbers in a one-dimensional array and then display the following data:

  • The lowest number in the array
  • The highest number in the array
  • The total of the numbers in the array (accumulator)
  • The average of the numbers in the array

Additional Requirements:

  • Pseudocode
    • The determination/calculation of the requirements above should be done in Main().
    • One module (Call) required in Pseudocode
    • Display results from above requirements via a Module/Subprogram.
      • There is only one module/subprogram required which is for printing the results.
    • Passing parameters
    • No global constant needed
    • For() loop needed
  • Raptor
    • Usage of Subcharts recommended (easier)
    • Passing of arguments (optional)
    • Looping


For this project, post

  • Flowchart that was created in Raptor
  • Pseudocode