Using Satellites, GPS/GIS in the field of Oceanography and Climatology (Any New Technologies)
Natural Disasters (Hurricanes, Coastal Flooding. Tsunamis etc.)
Climate Change and the Ocean (Sea Level Rise, pH Changes, Glacier Retreat etc.)
Human Influence on the Ocean (Ocean Dumping, Over Harvesting etc.)
Exploration (New studies and species, Alternative Energy, Aquaculture etc.)
Your task will be to locate and read two (2) current articles relating to each topic listed above and writing a
review of each article you read. Your project should include the following:
a cover
table of contents
ten (10) article reviews (one separate page per article)
a APA formatted literature citation page
Your project will be submitted as a MS Word document in the project drop box. Please review the directions on
how to write an article review (next page) and the grading rubric provided in this folder.
Please use your own words for all work…copy and pasting from the internet is not allowed. You should site any
sources that you use. Your submissions and postings must be completed by the due date or they will not be
considered. All work submitted must be in your own words or quoted with a reference. Any question of
plagiarism will be given zero credit, no exceptions and I m not going to waste my time arguing with you or
trying to prove it, I m just going to submit your name and offence to the Dean of Science.
Title of Article
Paragraph 1 Describe the Science discussed in the article. Must have a Topic sentence, 4 5 body sentence and
a conclusion.
Paragraph 2 Relate the article to what we ve learned (or will learn) in class. Include your opinion. Again, have
a Topic sentence, 4 5 body sentence and a conclusion.