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A company has made a strategic plan that has failed due to some strategic issues. The lake of effective sale forecasting is the major strategic issues behind achieving the expected sales and profit and failure of the strategic plan. On the other hand, co-ordination is another strategic issue that may a reason for its failure because an effective co-ordination is important to make a successful strategic plan. This plan has failed to achieve expected sales and profit of the company due to some strategic issues, so that it should be scrapped because there are several issues associated with this plan. Bevir, M. & Rhodes, R.A.W. Interpreting British governance. Great Britain: Routledge. Jain, C.L. & Malehorn, J. (2005). Practical guide to business forecasting (2nd ed.). Institute of Business Forec. Menawat, A. & Garfein, A. (2006). Profit mapping: a tool for aligning operations with future profit and performance. Grandstaf, M. (2009). Strategic Leadership: The General’s Art.

Almanacs have lists of all kinds of information. Who won the Oscars last year? Who was the 23rd President of the United States? What is the population of Vermont? When you want specific quick bits of information, use an Almanac. Encyclopedias usually offer more information on a topic. They are useful for finding out basic information on a topic. They are useful for looking up famous people, the states, science topics like animals or space travel, other countries, and other general information. An Atlas is more than just a book of maps. Some atlases also have information on weather and climate, industries, languages, animal life, etc. Some include pictures of flags, state birds and flowers, or articles on how the people live in different regions. Most include a special index called a “gazetteer” that will help you find specific places on the maps. There are also historical atlases that show you the boundaries of countries at different times. Dictionaries also have more information than you think they do. Not only do dictionaries list words and their meanings, but they tell you how to spell, pronounce, and change the word to alter its meaning. Many dictionaries also have chapters on grammar, lists of words in other languages, place-name lists, or how to use special forms of address. If you want to know how to address a letter to your Senator or representative in Congress, or what to call the Pope when you meet him, look in the dictionary! Remember that sometimes the best resource in the library are the librarians. Ask them for help. It’s why they’re here! Look for bookmarks, Internet Pathfinders (especially “Homework Helpers”), and other library publications that can help you find other materials. The Library is more than just a homework resource. We have books, videos, magazines, CDs, and cassettes for all ages and interests.

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