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Your professors are aware of most academic works published in their niche, so they can easily catch the sentences and paragraphs you paraphrased and tried to present as your own. Remember: it is okay to get inspired by other people’s ideas. However, the purpose of academic writing is to present your own opinions. It doesn’t matter how you use the source; what matters is to reference it. 3. Use quotation marks when you cite a source. Even if you give credit to an author in the reference list, some professors will consider your paper to be plagiarized if you don’t clearly distinguish the parts you haven’t written yourself. For that purpose, make sure to separate the used sources with proper quotation marks. 4. Don’t copy another author’s idea progression, organization of writing, or other characteristics. The best way to avoid copying the structure of a source is to brainstorm and create an outline of your own ideas. Then, you can use the materials you located to support those ideas. 5. Keep track of the sources! Intentional plagiarism is easy to define: you neglect referencing the sources even when you are aware of the fact that the ideas come from another author. However, sometimes plagiarism is non-intentional. You do a lot of reading before writing the paper, so it’s easy to lose track of a source you already included in the outline. Thus, it is very important to take notes when you go through library materials, and bookmark all electronic sources you intend on using. If your professor identifies any signs of plagiarism in your work, the first penalty will be a low grade for the assignment. However, the consequences can be much more serious than that, depending on your school’s policy. In the worst scenario, extreme cases of academic dishonesty are being reported.

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