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This would give them two independent reasons to do a more balanced diet. Ethel: Sorry. Talk all you want to. My George will have a good-sized piece of beef every night for dinner. We’re past the hot dog stage of life and he certainly won’t let me switch out beef with veggieburgers! Sally, I think Ethel’s right. We really ought to look for less intrusive ways to become ecologically friendly. Pushing on people about their diets is just going to dump a whole lot of unbiblical guilt on people, but they won’t budge. There are lots of good recipes/cookbooks out there that are done by people who want to eat lower in the food web. We could wholesale a bunch of them and put them on a stand in the church lobby. That would make a neat statement and income could go toward a third-world help project. Well, Ethel, what about just sharing basic food web concepts that Phil would know about? Then individual members can respond as God leads them to. That might only take 3-4 sessions. We could do it as part of a weekend thing, but have the last session be a review session on Sunday morning so exposure is broad. Ethel, you mentioned church suppers. Let’s have a seminar series on eating carefully within our food web and show people, calorie for calorie, how their restraint would feed orphan children in Uganda. The last seminar would be a church dinner using recipes that are lower on the food web. That way, lots of people could make a choice that keeps little children alive. There are differing degrees of dietary stewardship implied in the choices above. In the assignment text box, type a “3.” followed by 1 of the lettered choices above, depending on which response you agree with.

I opted not to include a picture as I found a very interesting bar chart. I felt this would satisfy the visual element of the article as well as provide the reader with some very useful information. I did not include both as I felt it would make the article look too cluttered. I used a very short heading with a two line sub-heading to help grab the reader’s attention. In addition I have taken out quotes from the text and placed them on their own in the article, another method to grab the reader’s attention. For me drafting was a very important process. I created four drafts, firstly was a very rough draft and it developed from there. In the first draft pictures and headlines were omitted, all I was looking to do was to find a structure. The second draft was more readable. There was still no graphic, however nearly everything else (i.e. headings, subheadings and newspaper style paragraphing) was included. Then I produced a third draft.