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So I always have a backup. I failed to see “the writing on the wall” with Bubblews and lost my articles. But thanks to you Glenn I have saved my posts on Niume and am deleting each one. I just celebrated my 7th year here on HubPages and appreciate the integrity here. Thanks for keeping us “on the straight and narrow”. RoadMonkey – I saw that MegL posted a couple of articles, but nothing about her future plans with PersonaPaper on the front page where system status information goes. RoadMonkey – Yes, I found that she commented on someone else’s post. But she never posted anything herself so most people won’t even know she is alive. If she is active on Facebook, that doesn’t help much when people are looking for activity on Personal Paper itself. As for the domain, webmasters usually prepay for many years in advance. They don’t let it run close to the expiration date because Google takes that Into account for ranking the site. MegL has taken on PersonaPaper. Why would anyone need to renew the domain name 4 months ahead of time? I have seen a post from her in the last few weeks.

I haven’t seen a management post but there is a Facebook group. I have not logged on to PersonaPaper for a long time, but I just checked it out today because of your question. Many months ago they announced they will be shutting down and the bank page had a statement that they discontinued the payout program. This meant that people could still post, but they would not be paid for their content. In July 2016 it was announced that MegL will take over responsibility for maintaining and keeping the business running, but she herself never posted anything confirming that. As of today I see her last post was October of 2015 (over a year ago). I don’t think she has the wherewithal to take it on, especially with the way she was talking a year ago about family problems getting in the way of running Persona Paper. And let’s not forget that they lost their Adsense Account.