organic photovoltaics

infstructions:IME 2009 MICROELECTRONICS 2Assignment 2 – to be handed in for marking by 2.00 pm Monday 25th April 2016
First submit an electronic version of a first draft to “two” other students for “peer review” by
Monday 14
th March”.
In your own words, write a minimum of 2000 words about Organic photovoltaics. You
should cover the following sections:
1. Introduction to Organic Electronics
2. Commercial Status
3. Historical background
4. Organic electronic applications (general section on some applications such as
Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and displays, Organic Thin Film
Transistors (OTFTs), and Organic memories
5. Organic photovoltaics – at least 1000 words
You must ensure that it is clearly written and presented to a professional standard. Also, you
need to make sure all the figures used in the report are referenced. All references should be
written in a scientific standard and are consistent all the way through the report.
Please use Harvard Style Referencing in your report
The Harvard Style of referencing
For journal articles record:
 The author’s name or names
 The year in which the journal was published
 The title of the article
 The title of the journal
 The volume number
 The page number/s of the article in the journal
 As much other information as you can find about the journal, for example the volume and
issue numbers
Journal paper:
A Sleiman, P W Sayers, and M F Mabrook (2013) “Mechanism of resistive switching in
Cu/AlOx/W nonvolatile memory structures”, J Appl. Phys., vol. 113, pp. 164506.
Marks, X. (2005) Successful referencing at Bangor, 2nd edition, Bangor, UK.
Useful References:
“Organic Electronics” by So Franky (available BU library).
“Organic Electronics” by Hagen Klauk (ISBN 978-3-527-31264-1).
I also uploaded in the Blackboard (in resources section) few other journal papers as
references you can use to start your research.