Organizing A Successful Family Reunion Event

Get Help Early In The Project Form a reunion committee comprised of at least one member per 25 attendees. Delegate all tasks. Your task is to follow up with the progress of each task and keep everyone on the same page. 2. Good Communication You’ve heard it said “if you build it they will come?” Not if no one told them you build it. 3. Provide Plenty of Time To Rally Support Often good communication and plenty of time is all that’s needed to rally support. You want to let the family know that your planning a reunion well in advance. At the very least give them a date. Details can follow later. Now they can schedule time off or adjust their vacation plans to include the reunion. To that end Mark recommends that the reunion be planned at least one year in advance providing plenty of time to foresee and execute action items. To keep reunion meetings from getting bogged down with too much information and little time to follow up with delegated tasks make use of good scheduling, planning tools and action items lists.

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