Orientation Paper

Prepare 4-5 page paper describing how you would orient the new employee and introduce him/her to your organization’s culture.  Consider probation periods and the initial reviews necessary to ensure that the new hire is successful.


The purpose of the so-called “employee orientation”is to integrate the person into the organizational culture with a practical understanding of their role in contributing to the critical strategic and tactical goals of the organization.  You are expected to research, evaluate, identify, and include key components of an “employee orientation program” in a written report which could be immediately adopted by an organization in the private or public sector.


The program must address the following issues: ( i wand to processed each subject separtely)

  • Employer commitment to employees,
  • Reasonable employee expectations,
  • Unique departmental considerations,
  • Access to employee handbook or labor agreement,
  • Current organizational culture and future organizational culture,
  • Opportunity for a site tour,
  • Benefits summary,
  • Opportunity for employee feedback.