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Outline an onboarding program for the organization you used to develop the HRD program for your final project.
Using the same organization that you focused on for your final project, develop an outline for an onboarding program. This program can be general to the organization, or can be for a specific area, and for brand
new employees or those transferring/promoted who are new to an area of the organization.
Include the following sections:

Brief Explanation of the Focus on the Onboarding program

5 points

Brief explanation of the intended recipients of the program

5 points

Use Chapter 8 as a guide to identify the components of a socialization program that will be ideal for your onboarding program. Be sure to keep in mind the following items:

40 points
ïStage Models of Socialization
ïThe Information Newcomers Need
ïTimetable of Onboarding Events
ïRole Identification (who will do what)
Acceptable formats include: Word, Excel, or PPT

Information must indicate that you have a clear understanding of the concepts
Sections should show a logical thought process and address all required points
Cite your resources!!!! This includes in-text citation & works cited.

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