Outline of the Marketing Plan: Wyndham Worldwide

Wyndham Hotels is focusing their attention on building brand awareness, improving the quality of their products, and increasing their overall market share. This plan focuses mostly on their main market segment in consumer sales. However, there is some focus on the secondary market in commercial sales. The plan aims to improve every aspect of the guests’ experience and work to build overall brand awareness in the community. The marketing goals will be to increase the sales by 15 % over the next year in areas where the sales are down from last year and increase the regionally acceptable services by 10 % over the next year. This will make the quality of the services increased and the regional acceptability increased as well. The second goal is to communicate the brand’s value and this can be done by increasing the company’s market share by 10% this year and by 25% over the next two years and by increasing brand recognition. Through training and proper monitoring, the company can improve their services. And through the right marketing mix, they can improve their brand awareness. KPI’s will be used to measure the success of the initiatives.




Marketing Plan

A marketing plan offers an outline for how an organization will combine pricing, product, promotion, and distribution decisions to create an offer that the consumers will find attractive (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 15). The idea is to determine the marketing goals and objectives, the overall marketing strategy, marketing implementation, evaluation and control, and a contingency plan.


  1. Marketing Goals and

1.1. Marketing Goal 1

The marketing goal for Wyndham Hotel Group is to increase the quality of their services and make them more regionally acceptable.

1.1.1. Objective 1a: To increase their sales by 15% over the next year in areas where Wyndham Hotel Group sales are failing to capture a large share of the market or present services that are of value to the area.

1.1.2. Objective 1b: To increase the amount of regionally acceptable services by 10 % over the next year.

The idea is to provide services that cater to the needs of the individuals in the area.


1.2. Marketing Goal 2

An additional marketing goal for Wyndham Hotel Group is to communicate the brand’s value.

1.2.1. Objective 2a: Wyndham Hotel Group  would like to increase their market share by 10 % over the next year and by 25% over the next two years

1.2.2. Objective 2b: Wyndham Hotel Group would like to increase consumer recognition of their brand.


The company’s strong reputation will allow them to have a competitive advantage over the competition. Their  corporate social responsibility is important to us. The more services Wyndham Hotel Group provide for their customers, the easier it will be to build the brand’s value.


  1. Marketing Strategy

            Their marketing strategy is designed to present ideas and strategies that will accomplish their goals. It will relate to what needs to be done in order to increase the quality of their services and the recognition of their brand. It is an outline for how the company will achieve their marketing objectives (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 42).


2.1. Primary Target Market

            Through the use of behavioral segmentation, they will analyze what the consumer is actually looking for in a hotel and use the information to make adjustments to their current services. Through the use of consumer surveys and online reviews. Understanding the consumer’s needs and the extent of these needs (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 139), will work to give them the information that they need to express how their services can meet them.  For the consumers in the hospitality industry, quality and value are important. Customers are looking to get the most services and amenities they can for the most affordable price. The market can be further segmented using demographic features. Demographic segmentation divides the market into factors regarding gender, age, income, and education (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 140-141).  There are two main market segments that the company can focus on to achieve their goals. The first market segment includes upper class, white collar men between the ages of 26 and 34, who frequently look for hotel rooms for business and earn incomes between $ 75,000 and $100,000. The second segment is women between 26-34, who are middle or upper class and married with young children.

Through psychographic segmentation, the company will look to market to family-centered and workaholic individuals. The idea is that families need places to stay on vacation and working business men and women need to have a place to stay when they are out of town on business. The marketing efforts will focus on relaxation and convenience. They will work to find a way to be the consumer’s home away from home. Those consumers focus on finding hotels that have the amenities that allow them to go on with their normal routines. They are looking for places in good condition and where they can feel safe.


2.2. Secondary Target Market

            A secondary target market that the company will focus on will be businesses in the area in need of conference centers. This market consists of any businesses who would like to hold conventions, meetings, or training sessions in a large banquet hall or meeting center. They will focus their attention on finding a way to appeal to this market segment. These businesses hold seminars, large meetings, banquets, and other large functions.


2.3. Product Strategy

            The “design, development, branding, and positioning of the product are perhaps the most critical,” (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 155) of the strategic decisions. The company’s product is the room and their services include the amenities and customer service they receive with the room. In the hospitality industry, the product is composed of many elements. It includes the tangible goods, such as the toiletries, and the services, such as the cleaning services. The consumers are buying luxury and convenience. They are looking for a place to stay when they are away from their own home or they are looking for a place to get away and enjoy a different experience. They are looking for convenience or escape. They purchase a hotel room for the convenience and comfort that it provides.

The company has captured the essence of relaxation with the Wyndham Escapes program and the Bed & Breakfast packages (Wyndham, 2016). The Wyndham Escapes program allows Points members points towards one night and weekend stays and they offer weekly savings on getaways and vacations. The Bed and Breakfast packages combine the hotel stay with a delicious breakfast. This gives the hotel chain a leg up on the competition who are still including the continental breakfast in the lobby in their pricing package. The idea of having a delicious breakfast brought to the room in the morning, to start the day off right, is a brilliant one for the market segments that the company is focusing on. Business men can enjoy a hot breakfast before working to close that big deal and mothers can feed their children without having to disrupt the lobby. It also adds to the customer service strategy to increase the regional acceptability aspect of the business. Customers can enjoy the local cuisine and get a taste of the local culture. It adds to the overall experience and increases the brands recognition in the industry.


Second Target Market

            Wyndham Hotels aim to offer a meeting place for the consumers. They offer “stunning spaces” to “accommodate gatherings of all types,” (Wyndham, 2016). They pair their meeting spaces with a service that works to plan the event and ensure that it is successful. A concentration on variety will continue to push them in the right direction. The hotel chain needs to work on spreading the word about their capacity to host “large-scale meetings and conferences”, “intimate meetings”, and “social events” (Wyndham, 2016). That way they can reach out to businesses that are large or small. By marketing the variety, the company can increase awareness for their brand as it is associated with the venue that different businesses need. A supplemental service that can be promoted with the event packages would be the “memorable meals” that are offered (Wyndham, 2016). This adds an additional marketing angle that can attract a different need within the market segment. It increases the quality and overall usability of the facility.




Pricing is an important aspect of a company’s business. In order for the company to grow their revenue, they either have to increase their prices or increase the quantity sold (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 162). Pricing can be a complicated process that involves many factors. For businesses like the Wyndham there are more factors to consider because of the mix of products and services. They need to incorporate the value of the intangible services they provide as well. Then, they need to consider what their price point says about their establishment and brand image. If they offer a price too high, they will lose some individuals in their target market. They will reach the upper class business man who can afford the luxury and make it difficult for the middle and lower class individuals in the target. However, if they go too low with the price, they will also have to worry about turning these individuals away. Having a variety of rooms available at different price points is a perfect solution. The service and quality will be the same to warrant a higher price than smaller motels and hotels with less amenities. With the variety of room types, such as single rooms, double rooms, and suites, they can alter the price point as well.

The cost structure has to incorporate the cost of producing or offering the services and the cost of marketing it to the world (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 164). The average daily rate (ADR) is defined as “total revenue divided by the number of room nights sold,” (Wyndham World Wide Corp, 2015, p. 5). Since the U.S. lodging industry is based on chain scale segments, it is important to determine the impression that they pricing gives the consumers. An ADR above $ 210 a night, is considered a luxury establishment. These usually incorporate spas, restaurants, recreational facilities, room service, local transportation, and business centers (p. 5). The Upper Upscale facilities offer their ADR pricing between $ 145 and $ 210 for many of the same amenities and extras without the first class experience (p. 5). This is the price point range that the company is looking for. They want to have a room range between the upper upscale price point and the luxury price point. They want to offer better quality and service to attract consumers who are looking for relaxation and convenience. These customers will pay the additional price to allow their stay to be one that is stress free and an overall escape from the everyday life or just like home. To stay competitive in this specific market segment, they need to portray the services and expectations to justify their pricing. They need to strive to offer first class service and products, from the room, to the amenities, and to the service.


Wyndham Worldwide use differentiation in pricing strategy, because Wyndham Worldwide has 3 components, they are Wyndham Hotel Group, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, and Wyndham Exchange & Rentals. They have different price and different facilities each other., also different reward for the customer. For instance, Wyndham Garden offers library lounge for customer comfort , while Knights Inn provides a free continental breakfast.

            Profit margin of Wyndham Worldwide can be described in the graph below,

Profit margin is the percentage of revenue that a company keeps as profit after accounting for fixed and variable costs. It is calculated by dividing net income by revenue. The profit margin is mainly used for internal comparisons, because acceptable profit margins vary between industries. For comapnies with significant fixed costs, wide profit margins reduce the risk that a decline in sales will cause a net profit loss.

Displayed as a percentage, profit margin can be thought as the amount of profit that a company keeps per dollar revenue. For example, if a company has a profit margin of 43%, the company keeps $4.3 of each dollar of revenue.

To attract the customer, Wyndham Worldwide various specific pricing tactis, included, customer will earn an additionalGold Status Point bonus for every 20 qualifying nights, up to 3 bonuses in calendar year. Customers will continue to earn regular Rewards points on every qualifying night they stay. Again, Gold Status Points may only be redeemed for a free night; however, regular Rewards points can be redeemed for free nights, gift cards, merchandise & more.






Distribution/Supply Chain

            In order to be able to maintain solid connections and relationships with their vendors. A hotel needs supplies consistently to ensure that each of their customers have what they need.{What distribution/supply chain strategy is applicable to Wyndham in regards to how they ensure customers have what they need}. They must turn over their rooms each day and predict what their customers need.{What strategy or tactic does Wyndham use to predict what their customers need} They need to be able to replace linens that are too soiled to reuse. They need to be able to offer the same quality food and beverages to their customers. {What quality foods and beverages does Wyndham provide versus their completion}.For luxury and upper upscale facilities with additional built in amenities, there are a lot of supply needs. The company has to be able to continually to be able to offer their clients what they need 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Hotels don’t close and that means that the staff needs to plan to have what they need and what their patrons expect. It allows for a way to offer “a sustainable advantage and true differentiation in the market place,” (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 171).



Wyndham Worldwide use distribution with supply chain strategy. Wyndham Worldwide relies on strong, collaborative supplier partnerships to provide goods and services for use around the globe. Wyndham Worldwide’s Strategic strives to obtain the highest quality products and services offering the best possible value. Providing sustainable product and service options is a key consideration of this process.

            Wyndham Hotel Group, the world’s largest hotel company with approximately 7,540 hotels and part of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (NYSE: WYN), announced that it will streamline distribution of property photos for its global portfolio of hotels to more than 6,000 leading global distribution channels and tens of thousands of affiliated travel websites in nine languages in an effort to better showcase properties to travelers. Intermediaries that is used by Wyndham Worldwide are franchised, businesses that operate a branded product (usually a service) in exchange for a licence fee and a share of sales; retailers operate outlets that trade directly with household customers. It is included, type of service ( self service, etc), ownership ( privately, public ), location (rural,city-centre), brand ( local one-shop name ).

Wyndham Worldwide’s workforce evolves to reflect the growing diversity of the communities and the global marketplace, efforts to understand, value and incorporate differences become more and more important. Wyndham Worldwide offer a  career with a company that offers people with talent, passion and integrity a world of opportunity.

As a part of holistic approach to diversity, Wyndham Worldwide maintains relationships with key community and philanthropic organizations that support business objectives.

For example;The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council is the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America’s corporations and is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for women’s business enterprises. Wyndham Worldwide is a corporate member of the WBENC and uses its membership to identify potential women-owned businesses with which it could consider business opportunities, so Wyndham Worldwide use guarantee to ensure channnel support.

There are 3 types utility that Wyndham Worldwide use are time, place, and possession utility. Time, is making sure that the product is available when customer need it. The “social-cultural environment” of customers in the current marketing climate is one in which people often are quite impatient to take possession of the product once they have made the final decision to buy.

It is important, in a competitive environment, to use every opportunity to streamline your supply chain and distribution channels to allow a customer to physically obtain the chosen product as quickly as possible.

In Wyndham Worldwide, it uses welcome drink or welcome snack to the customer if they are still waiting, while the room or service is clean up, but Wyndham Worldwide try to always cleans up after the customer leave from that hotel with maximum checkout time.

The second, is place refers to having the product exist in a location that is easily accessible to the customer at the moment in time when their payment transaction is concluded. Sometimes the final decision about whether to buy, or not to buy, is made by the customer based on how they can physically get their hands on the products as soon as possible.  Wyndham Worldwide placed their hotels in strategic place, they place their hotel in popular city in the country and in the middle of the city. ( Bali ) .

The third, is possession refer to the marketing utility that allows the customer to physically access what they bought. Having a variety of easy payment methods, cash, debit, credit card, PayPal, etc. is part of facilitating possession as is the physical location of the product and how it is delivered to the customer.Wyndham can use this way to be the tactics of distribution, customer can pay the payment use debit, cash, or etc. Wyndham allowing for possession in an easy way and give some rewards to the customers.



Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion) Strategy

Promotions are important because they communicate the benefits and features of a product that are relevant to the company’s target market (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 182). It is the way that the company shares meaning with the consumer. Integrated marketing communication deals with “the strategic, coordinated use of promotion to create one consistent message across multiple channels to ensure maximum persuasive impact on a firm’s current and potential customers,” (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 182).



Overall IMC strategy, objectives, and budget

            The IMC strategy has to take a complete view to recognize every customer contact or relationship with the company (p. 182). Pull strategies will be used to motivate consumers and stimulate demand for their products and services. The coordination of the marketing efforts will provide a mixture of promotional tools to help reach consumers in different mediums. Brand awareness is an important part of the marketing strategy.


Consumer promotion elements

Pricing and amenities are the easy consumer promotion elements. The use of pricing discounts or vacation deal packages can draw customers to the hotel. Then, it will take excellent services and a push for minimal issues. The focus needs to be on getting the customer what they need before they ask for it.


Wyndham Worldwide use advertising through advertise in many places, with special offer, and reward for the customer

Wyndham Worldwide use communication strategy to the customer, and to managed the brands , reputation , management. Based on that, they can attract the customer to join in Wyndham Worldwide.

Wyndham Worldwide also use personal selling strategy in consumer promotion elements. Personal selling is a strategy that salespeople use to convince customers to purchase a product. The salesperson uses a personalized approach, tailored to meet the individual needs of the customer, to demonstrate the ways that the product will benefit him. The customer is given the opportunity to ask questions, and the salesperson addresses any concerns he has about the product. Wyndham Worldwide provide answer and question between the customer and the salesperson, so the customer will understand about Wyndham Worldwide and consider to use this service.  Wyndham Worldwide use consumer sales promotion, through pull strategy; On markets the consumers usually “pull” the goods or information they demand for their needs. So, the consumers of Wyndham will search an information about the Wyndham Worldwide if they want to stay for a view night in Wyndham Hotel in that city.



Advertising strategy(please reference comments for Consumer Promotion Elements)

Advertising is the most visible element of the process and will be important for the marketing plan (p. 185). Television, radio, and direct mailer are popular advertising techniques. The consumers need to recognize the company logo and this can be done through advertisements the easiest. That way when they go to book a hotel or conference hall, they will think about the Wyndham hotels.


Public relations/publicity strategy(please reference comments for Consumer Promotion Elements)

The strong corporate social responsibility reputation can be used to raise brand awareness. The more outreach programs or other programs that enhance the community that are associated with the company, the easier it will be to remain in a positive light in the consumer’s minds. Social media is a great way to gauge the customer’s overall opinion of their experience and reactions to the decisions that the company is making.


Personal selling strategy(please reference comments for Consumer Promotion Elements)

The company’s personal selling strategy will include suggested upgrading and assistance through a concierge service. The entire idea of having a concierge desk is to help individuals connect with the services and activities that they are looking for. The strategy would be to first make sure that there are services and activities that the customers want. Then, the personnel need to work hard to let the customers know about them. They can discuss various packages that are available that incorporate some activities that they may be interested in.


Consumer sales promotion (pull) strategy(please reference comments for Consumer Promotion Elements)


Pull strategies like consumer sales promotion strategy works to create a buyer incentive for the products. These can be things like direct mailers. The company uses the Wyndham Rewards program to track the sales and to give consumers a reason to choose their hotel over their competitors. They can receive points for their stay and these can be turned into rewards. These loyalty programs offer benefits for using their services. The more times the consumer stays at the restaurant, the more benefits and rewards they will receive.


Trade ( channel ) promotion elements

Wyndham Worldwide use advertising strategy in trade promotion elements through Internet, it can show and offer the trade/ channel to support the Wyndham Worldwide. Wyndham Worldwide use trade sales promotion strategy, through push strategy. Push strategy is the activities to create consumer demand for a product. A push strategy tries to sell directly to the consumer, bypassing other distribution channels. Wyndham Worldwide promote themselves via tour, which is they have collaborate each other. So, the tour will promote about Wyndham to the consumers.

Wyndham Worldwide use public relation in promotion themselves. Trade shows can lead to effective publicity if public relations professionals complete the proper research and preparation in advance, and work the show aggressively.

Wyndham Worldwide use personal selling in trade promotion elements. They demonstrate that sales will increase higher sales productivity when customers have already been exposed to the firm’s product at a trade show. Overall profits are shown to be greater when the trade show is used in conjunction with optimal levels of sales effort. This is show that the trade show generates positive effects on customer purchase intentions. These results provide much-needed accountability for trade show expenditures and also highlight the valuable leverage they offer towards improving selling efficiency.



Marketing Implementation

            Marketing implementation is a process where the marketing strategy is executed using specific actions designed on achieve the objectives (p. 260). These include the specific actions the company will take to ensure that they are headed toward their goals. Management plays a very important role in this part of the process. They will need to ensure that the employees are working hard to create a great experience for their guests.



Structural Issues

The current structure of the company is a vertical one. There are managers in the upper levels that control the various segments of the corporation. In order to become more in tune with the customers, the structure needs to become more horizontal in structure. A more compressed structure will allow for changes to be made quicker. The managers within the different localities can make changes that appeal to the consumers in their area. The idea pulls away from the idea that the location should look uniform no matter where you go. The idea that they take on more of a cultural context from the region that they are in is one that focuses more closely on the idea of having differentiated products.

It will be important for the employees to buy-in to the changes that need to be made to increase the overall value of the products and services they provide. They will need to utilize change methods to ensure that the employees are utilizing the changes that work to better the customer experience.{Insert here an example of a change method Wyndham can use}. A flattened structure will make this easier because the connection between the upper management and the front line employees will be tighter.


Wyndham Worldwide use advertising through advertisements in many places, with special offers then they can attract the customer to join in Wyndham Worldwide. Wyndham Worldwide also use personal selling strategy in consumer promotion elements. On markets the consumers usually “pull” the goods or information they demand for their needs. So, the consumers of Wyndham will search information about the Wyndham Worldwide if they want to stay for a view night in Wyndham Hotel in that city.

The changes to the firm’s structure is they should increase the promotion on internet (social media), increase the quality of the official website and add some Filters in the website because that can help the consumers of Wyndham easily find the nearest Wyndham hotel in the town. The consumers of Wyndham will search information about the Wyndham Worldwide if they want to stay for a view night in Wyndham Hotel in that city, they can get the information from the advertising in the newspaper, radio, television, and internet.



Tactical Marketing Activities

These are the everyday activities that the company will focus on to be able to ensure that the products and services are being handled effectively and efficiently.

Specific Tactical Activities
Product Activities

1.  Conduct regular quality checks to ensure that the hotel is clean and fully stocked.

2.Consult the customer at several interaction points to see that everything was satisfactory.

3.  Maintain a high level of training to ensure that quality is up to par or exceeding expectations.

Pricing Activities

1.   Study the ADR of luxury and upper upscale establishments to ensure that the company is offering the right prices

2.Compare the pricing to other hotels in the area to ensure that the prices are competitive with hotels with similar offerings.

3.  Work to keep the overhead and costs down to be able to be more flexible with pricing.

Distribution/Supply Chain Activities

1.  Maintain a high level of care when dealing with vendors.

2.  Inspect product deliveries to ensure the quality is up to the company’s standard.

3.  Make a habit of sending top vendors gifts on holidays and paying invoices on time.

IMC (Promotion) Activities

1.  Send regular email blasts to guests offering special promotions for rooms that are not booked.

2.Working to provide proper training to staff to assist them in upselling or cross selling.

3.  Work to provide the services that the community what it needs and continue to help to better the world around them.




Evaluation and Control

            The implementation of the marketing plan is an essential part of the process. Without a proper implementation, the marketing efforts can be insufficient. The evaluation and control of the marketing plan is important because it gauges the success of the success of the marketing plan. It is used to “reduce the difference between what actually happened and what the company expected,” (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013, p. 276).



            The formal controls are the processes and activities that will be implemented in a firm to ensure that the marketing strategy is successfully implemented (p. 276). The input controls that the company will use start with training or retraining the staff. The company will also need to build the employee awareness of what it will do to push the sales and overall guest experience upward.

They will implement some process controls to help guide the process of implementation with activities that will be used during the process. The top one will be the commitment of the managers to the success of the goal and the encouragement of the staff to follow procedures and to give the guest exceptional service. The company will need to go above their expectations throughout their experience. The output controls are designed to measure the success of the implementation of the marketing plan. It is to see whether the decisions made in this plan are working.



There are 3 types of formal controls, are input controls, process controls, and o   output controls. In input controls of Wyndham Worldwide, for example, additional research and development. The company should do the research to find what the customer need and what customer want, so they can fullfill the customer’s need and after they know the need of customer the company can develop the strategy. Fix the old strategy with the new one. The second control is process control that will be needed during the execution. For example, Wyndham Worldwide have training program to the employee. The employee will be train to serve the customer as good as possible, how to do the job, how they solve the problem during working time, so Wyndham will has good performance of their employee and customer wil satisfy. The last control is output controls that will be used to measure marketing performance and compare it to stated marketing objectives during and after the execution.




Overall performance

            Increase sales by 15 % in locations where the hotels are failing to bring in a good profit. These are the places that the company will need to work on increasing the sales and building more brand awareness.


Output controls will be divided into 5 performance standards, which are overall performance standards (based on goals and objectives), The company will see the performance is related with the goal and objectives or not, if it is not related they should make an evaluation and develop their strategy. For example, customersatisfaction, Wyndham should see the goal and objectives, is related with customer satisfaction or not, and if customer satisfy with Wyndham, it means that Wyndham success with their goal and objectives.



Product performance

Quality control checks will be made continuously to ensure that every aspect of the guest’s experience is a good one.


Example, experiential quality. The experiential quality of Wyndham Worldwide, for example Howard Johnson chain therefore include a family friendly environment and the ability to stay in a classic hotel at reasonable price.


Price performance standards

The pricing will be gauged by industry averages and other hotel pricing for similar services.

Example: revenue targets. Wyndham Worldwide has reach the revenue 5.381 with market capital 11,325. It has fulfilled the target they want to reach.


Distribution performance standards

The quality of the relationships with the vendors will be monitored to ensure that they are happy and working towards a common goal of providing exceptional products.


Examples: supply chain. Wyndham Worldwide use distribution with supply chain strategy. Wyndham Worldwide relies on strong, collaborative supplier partnerships to provide goods and services for use around the globe.


IMC (promotion) performance

Increases in new sales will help to test the brand awareness and the focus towards building brand awareness.


Example: Public Relations . Wyndham Worldwide use public relation in promotion themselves. Trade shows can lead to effective publicity if public relations professionals complete the proper research and preparation in advance, and work the show aggressively.






Marketing Audits / Contingency Planning

If the marketing efforts discussed in this plan fail to reach the goals that have been set forth, then the contingency plan can be utilized to ensure that these goals are met. The contingency plan consists of adding more services to the consumers. This can be more inclusive offerings and more amenities. This will give the company a competitive advantage over the competition.



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