Penis Health and Nude Sunbathing: A Testosterone Booster?

Many men are avid fans of nude sunbathing, taking pains to ensure proper penis health by keeping the organ covered in a good, effective sunscreen. The pleasures of nude sunbathing are many, and as long as appropriate penis care is practiced, it can add an extra element of fun and freedom to one’s beach or […]

Copywriters and Copywriting – The Key Types

If you’re thinking of using a copywriter (or becoming one), it’s important to realise that there is more than one type of copywriting and more than one type of copywriter. Different writing projects require different skills, and writers evolve different skillsets, whether deliberately or simply as the natural result of their working experience. So the […]

Why We Should All Be Using Digital Media

Digital Media by definition according to Wikipedia is “electronic media that work on digital codes”. So what does that really mean from an advertising perspective, as really that is what the internet really is, one big advert! You can learn about things, and you can create products which you then sell which demonstrate your knowledge […]

What Are the Vibrations Or What is the Frequency of Wealth?

Do My Brainwaves Affect My Frequency? Many people wonder about the relationship between brainwave entrainment and Law of Attraction frequency. When we meditate, our brainwaves lower their frequency to low Alpha (best for relaxed focus and concentration) or Theta(best for dreaming, lucid dreaming or manifesting). With the use of a brainwave generator or binaural beats, […]

Three Simple Steps to Promote Your Website For Free

One of the biggest and easiest ways you can promote your website for free is YouTube. Have you heard of that before? You upload a video according to your topic and add annotations with the link to your website. It’s that easy! People will watch the video and if they are interested in the video […]