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Working for an hour or two each week during the summer provides an opportunity for the student to catch up on skills he/she may have struggled with during the school year. Sometimes, all that is needed is a fresh approach to a familiar topic to solidify understanding. Even if a student does well academically, a lack of practice over the summer can lead to a loss of knowledge and skills. Use it or lose it! It is estimated that most students lose between 1 and 3 months of academic knowledge over the course of the summer if their learning is stagnant. That’s astonishing considering the entire school year is only 9 months! Summer allows students the opportunity to read for pleasure and to read books of their choice. Having an accountability partner is often helpful for both students and parents during the summer. When students are engaged in learning over the summer, they have an easier time transitioning at the end of the summer back to their school routine. This can lessen anxiety associated with beginning a new school year. So while summer tutoring may not be at the top of your family’s bucket list this summer, we encourage you to consider the long-term benefits for your child. At Giggle Learn Tutoring, we work with students from Pre-K to 7th grade in Math, Reading, Writing, ISTEP prep, homework help, and study skills. We individualize each student’s program to meet specific needs, and we create fun activities and games to motivate each student along the way. Come check it out!

Google tenant help/laws/ for your state and city. I hope there are some laws in place for where you live regarding rentals. What about protection for an honest, decent human being renting a room with a crooked landlord ? Any protection from that? 320 but was return to me yesterday by the owner of the apartment. What could I do? If you have trouble with setting guidelines and setting boundaries, maybe you need to do a written contract with your room-mate. Maybe look at it everyday and remember that is how you want to live. I have trouble setting boundaries sometimes too so I understand. It takes time and practice. I am sorry about your bad experience. Maybe you should rent the room out unfurnished? 675,000 neighborhood. The young man uses it as if it is a bachelor pad, with food in it, guests in it and attached bathroom filthy.

He keeps garlic and special vinegars in there on the gorgous wood furniture. Finally, I told him to clean. He said no, and gave me short notice. He is from a cast system culture and has too much pride. Good riddance to him at month’s end. If he is still here, I’m changing the lock. Thanks for reading porfirio and yes, good luck on your move! Registration is free and you will be able to ask all these things and also read about other similar situations. Best of luck with this unfortunate situation that you have found yourself in. I am in desperate need of your legal advice. I have allowed a single male to rent a small completely furnished room in my mobile home. 16.66 a day from October 18th to October 31st and also paid a 250.00 deposit. The first day he was here he was smoking pot and told me he a medical card for it and was going to smoke it wherever it wanted to.

I told he should have discussed this before he moved in as I have neighbors that get nauseated when they smell it and I did not want to jeopardize my relationship with them. Then in a cocky attitude he tells me “ It sounds like discrimination.” I told him it was a matter of respect and consideration that it should have discussed this with me. He has been here at my home for 13 days of which he has had his girlfriend stay 6 day also. The 4th day I told him she was not welcome to stay 3 days a week as I was renting to one person and not to 2 persons. I told him she was not welcome and he still went against my living arrangements. I told him his rent was up on October 31st and it was not working out and he should vacate. He now tells me he is not going to move and will live here for 30 days rent free.