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Like HIV it can mutate at an amazing rate making it impossible to create a vaccine to fight it. Due to these reasons if it were to infect a large populace that lived reasonably close together, like India, the result would be devastating because the virus would not have enough room to kill itself out. The number of people that have died as a result of the bubonic plague is in the millions. In Europe alone, it has claimed millions of lives. It is believed that the population of Europe in 1345 was 83 million and by 1400 the population was down to 60 million. Most of these deaths were caused by the plague. As civilization advanced, and people became more aware of being sanitary, the infection rate was much lower till it one day nearly disappeared. Outbreaks still occurred, but were less devastating and less frequent. The last occurrence of the black plague being transmitted from rats to humans was in 1929 in Los Angeles killing 31 of the 32 infected.

The first outbreak of Ebola was in Zaire. The major reason that the plague would have trouble becoming a major problem in a modern setting is the fact that it is a bacterium. Bacteria responds to antibiotics and the human immune system has an easy time identifying it as infectious due to their physical size, and can more easily produce antigens to fight the bacteria. Due to the fact that a bacterium is living, acting and responding to stimulus in the way all living things do, it can be more easily targeted my modern medicine. Bacteria tend to die at lower levels of stimulus extremity. Bacteria as well take a lot longer time evolve then virus although they will evolve with time modern medical science can keep up with it. The bubonic plague bacteria has been know mutate into different strains to but has not undergone any major mutations that would change it enough to stop responding to current medical treatments that would be used against it.

Bacteria are too responsive to stimulus, and would not be able evolve faster then modern science thus in a modern setting it would not be able to become a major epidemic. The reason that Ebola would be able to become a major problem in a modern environment is that it is a virus, a unique virus that uses speed and aggression to kill its victims. Being a virus it does not take on all of the characteristics of living beings. They do not have a response to stimuli nor do they reproduce by themselves. Viruses do not respond to any antibiotics thus taking one more weapon modern science could use against it. How do people survive then? When the virus is attacked by the human immune system, the virus can be weakened or destroyed. Consequently the immune system can then produce antigens that latch onto the virus’s shell making it easily identified.

Unfortunately, the virus tends to kill the victims before the immune system can start that process, using speed as a weapon. The Ebola virus, furthermore has a tendency to mutate very quickly and mutate in dramatic ways; changing it’s shape and the way it can effect people. It has been known to mutate from a strictly infectious disease that can only be transferred by direct contact with contaminated body fluids to a more deadly version that is airborne. Hence, because of its lack of response to stimuli and ability to mutate at an alarmingly quick rate, it would be able to change faster, as stay ahead of modern science. The main points to be brought out are that the world has become a much more sanitary one. One of the main reasons that Europe fell victim of the plague was due to bad living conditions and a lack of common sanitation. The Black Death also has know and identified carriers that transfer the bacterium from animal to human, making it more simple to eradicate the hosts.