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The better alternative is to select talented persons as trainee managers and develop their qualities through special training and wider exposures. In this way, the organisation can create its own team of talented managers to lead the whole Organisation. 2. Complexity of management jobs : The jobs of managers are now complicated and more challenging. They need varied skills for dealing with the complex organizational problems. For this, talented persons should be selected and proper training should be given to them. 3. Technological and social changes : Rapid technological and social changes are taking place in the business world. In India, such developments are fast taking place along with the liberalization and globalisation of business. Managers should be given proper training and exposure in computer applications and information technology. 4. Management obsolescence : Executive obsolescence occurs due to mental deterioration and aging process. This can be corrected by offering self-development opportunities to managers.

In fact, self-development must continue throughout the career of an executive. 5. Complexity of business management : Business management is becoming very complicated due to government legislations, market competition, social pressures and consciousness among consumers. Well-trained and matured managers are therefore required. Such managers are not available easily. The best way is to train existing managers through management development programmes. For management development, several methods / techniques are used. These methods can be divided into two broad categories, namely,1. 2. External or Off the job methods. 1. Coaching : Coaching on the job coaching is a method by which a superior teaches job knowledge and skills to a subordinate manager. He briefs the trainee executive about what is expected of him and how it can be done. The superior also checks the performance of his subordinate and guides him to improve his shortfalls and deficiencies. The superior acts as a friend and guide of his subordinate. Coaching method favours learning by doing. Its effectiveness depends on the capacity and the interest taken by the superior and also by the subordinate.