Person Centred Counselling And The Core Conditions

0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I love your article too – but would also welcome some advice. Person-Centred Counselling is all I know, but I’m working with children now and finding its turned things on its head. If I reflect they look at me as though I’m mad and have nothing to say back at all. I feel I’m compelled to ask questions as that is all they respond to unless its very surface stuff. Some of the children have disclosed things that shock me and I do not know how to respond – any suggestions? Glad you like the piece! Hey Sharon,Glad you like the article – what parts are you having difficulty with? I must confess that the content of this hub has redefined my view on counseling.Thanks.

I have loved reading this site love Rogers theory although I struggle putting the personality into practice HELP? This is a really useful article explaining the core conditions of Person Centred therapy. It gave me a better understanding of how Rogerian counselling works. Well done Kitty and and the Northhall Action group – Great to see you being the change you want in the world! I have consistently applied the core conditions to my everyday life, as well as my professional life and have found that it is the sure fire way to establish a feeling of community. I also firmly believe that you have to be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi) and I have always set aside time for community projects in the village were I live. I was instrument in organising and effecting a community direct action for lower speed limits in my own village and the surrounding ones too.

2RGRX0XNBLU anyway, continue to experiment and integrate with the core conditions, it is worth it! Glad it helped you Tracey – it keeps on giving! Thank you, I really enjoyed your summary, it made things a lot clearer and I loved the humour that ran through. I am – or should be – writing up my first case studies for my level 4 diploma and struggling with the format, what needs to be said? How can I get my remaining criteria from it? Should I forget about it today and go for a drink? Will I have a hangover tomorrow if I do? Why did I start this course? Where did I put my other reading glasses? Who am I and what day is it? Yes, I’ struggling alright and so far the going for a drink is winnig! Thankyou for a better understanding of advanced empathy, I’m currently doing an assignment for level 3 and this helped me greatly.

This means that the therapist senses accurately the feelings and personal meanings that the client is experiencing and communicates this understanding to the client. When functioning best, the therapist is so much inside the private world of the other that he or she can clarify not only the meanings of which the client is aware but even those just below the level of awareness. This kind of sensitive, active listening is exceedingly rare in our lives. We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Hi Anonymous, try a local search for low cost counselling or free counselling in your area. It is clear that you have a very good understanding of what Carl Rogers was trying to teach. There is much criticism of his work, many see it as being “Airy Fairy”. 5 days to go any tips peope of the new world.

Hi Tony, Sounds like an incredible experience. I’d have loved to hear him speak my self. I went to see his daughter Natalie talk in Dublin about creativity recently and it was very interesting indeed. Hi, Thank you so much for this. I was searching for inspiration to do my essay as part of my Diploma and your hub is so timely and refreshingly easy to follow and empathise with. The examples you give are so now – realistic of today so I can visualise what was actually taking place. Brilliant – thanks again your knowledge is greatfully received. I found this Hub very good indeed. As a fan of Carl Rogers it spoke to me. I had the immense privilege of hearing Carl Rogers speak in Johannesburg some 20 or more years ago. It remains in my memory as one of the peak experiences of my life. The way he was able to listen to and understand incredibly different points of view in the deeply polarised society that South Africa was at that time was a revelation. Thanks so much for this excellent Hub.