personality profile

you are required to measure as objectively as possible, two of the “big five factors” of your personality (i.e.,extraversion,conscientiousness,agreeableness,neuroticism,and
openness) using self-­?report,informant,behaviour,and life-­?outcome
For both the self-­?report and informant data you should use the appropriate subscales of the BFI-44. you should collect data from at
least three informants. you should select your informants carefully and
explain the ratioanale behind the selection. creativity of behaviour
and life-­outcome data is encouraged. You ‘re required to discuss the suitability and validity of the specific measures you choose to employ.
your assignment should include a brief introduction, followed by seperate sections for the methods, results, and discussions
Your discussion section should address the strength and shortcomings
of your assessments, as well as the consistency (or lack thereof) across the different measures. You should include a table (following
your references) that summerize the socres for both personality factors
across all four types of data (informant data should be averaged)

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