philosophy homework assignment below is the prompt provide a minimum 300 600 words required reading will be in a file

Prompt: First, layout Rachel’s argument for cultural relativism in the assigned chapter. Second, does Rachels think all cultures share some values in common? Explain Rachels’ argument for either agreeing or disagreeing with this position. Thirdly, give an example of some event where according to your own lights the actions of the individual(s) in question would be considered morally wrong. But according the argument for cultural relativism you would be unable to appropriately morally judge the actors in question. Examples might include exploitation of natural resources, honor killing, access to healthcare, homosexuality. You should provide a hyperlink to the event in question, something like a news article would be appropriate. Finally, explain the example you provided.

300-600 words minimum
A response consists of more than one word or simply agreeing. Please cite all passages in the text (including page number) and cite all outside information according to MLA guidelines.
You do NOT have to read each page whereas skim through the required reading to provide the information needed for the assignment. However, this assignment must have proficient work.
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