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Get help for Liberty University PHSC 210 Week 2 Mastering Geology Assignment. Earth is a dynamic body, with many separate bodies/spheres that are closely interrelated. The spheres comprise the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and geosphere. The way water moves from water bodies (hydrosphere) to the atmosphere, and back to solid Earth and its relation to plants and animals is a good example of a process that is part of a complex Earth system. Examine the figure below which is an aerial view of mudslide that occurred in Caraballeda, Venezuela in 1999 after an extensive rainfall. Select all that apply. By how much would solar have to grow to match the current level of hydroelectric power? Which source represents 32% of renewables? Which energy source’s annual growth rate is about four times greater than that of tidal power? Assuming that renewable energy sources will contribute more and more to power generation in the future, do you expect the growth rates for these renewable energy sources to increase or decrease over the next 30-year period (2000 to 2030)?

These growth rates are relative to small absolute numbers. They will most likely decrease as the total contribution by renewables increases. These growth rates will likely stay the same or grow as interest in renewables increases. Which projection has nonrenewables comprising roughly 50% of our energy production in 2050? Assume depletion of nonrenewables requires renewables (excluding combustibles and waste) to account for more than 30% by 2040. What growth rates of renewables must be achieved and by when? Current growth rates are sufficient to meet this goal. Many pollutants from coal-fired power plants are properly managed today. Which of the following is currently considered to be the biggest threat to the environment? Where is electricity made at a coal-fired power plant? During peak usage, what happens to the cost of electricity? It almost always increases. It almost always decreases. It depends on where the power plant is located. Cost of electricity always stays the same. It depends on the time of the year. What color smoke coming from a coal-fired power plant would indicate wasted fuel?

How much garbage does the average person produce in a month? Which of the following would be considered household hazardous waste? What hazardous material do electronics contain, making them important to recycle properly? What hazardous material do fluorescent light bulbs contain, making it important to dispose of them properly? Although “dry tombing” or capping a landfill after it is full is necessary, what problem can it create? Biodegradable waste can remain for decades in a landfill. The lining does not allow for microorganisms to enter the landfill. Waste becomes more toxic when confined. The lining creates a hazard for landfill workers. Leachate can break through the lining. Scientists use the scientific method to ensure their studies are reputable and valuable. This requires that they make observations, collect data, make further observations, and finally propose hypotheses. Hypotheses – an untested idea can be accepted or refuted based on further testing. We usually think of obervation (which is based on what you see) verses inference (which is an attempt at explaining an occurence based on previous knowledge). We use the scientific method every day without even thinking about it!