please read the requirement carefully

There arenâ€t “right” answers to the responses (except on the last one), there needs to be “supported” answers.The key to this exam is two fold:

To allow the student to express his or her own approach in navigating the complex field of “”world religions” and his or her own place in it.
To invite and allow the student to demonstrate command of the key ideas across religious traditions concerning the questions posted.

The essay submissions will be evaluated according to these requirements.
Essay 1: (250-400 words; 10 points)

Part 1: In your opinion, what is the most influential world religion or world religious figure?Why?
Part 2: What do you see as the “religion of the future”? Is there one religion (or none) that you think is going to take hold of your generation as you all matriculate into late adulthood?

* The important part of the response:WHY?WHY do you think what you think?What experiences have you had that lead you to think this way?What have you encountered in your life among family, friends, and classmates that drives your thinking on this issue?

Essay 2: (250-400 words; 10 points)
We are going to go all the way back to the beginning of the course (Module 1, Session 4) and thinking about how you (and your beliefs) relate to other religions.
Into which “theological model” (according to Jones) would you place yourself?Essentially, how do you see your own belief system (if any) in relation to other systems?How do you and your own religious beliefs confront/interact with/incorporate other religious teachings?
Here is a brief outline of the ideas.Be sure to show mastery of the concepts while presenting your own view.…
Scan the reading and be sure to grasp the key ideas of the different theological models on how to view other religions. Know the differences between the following approaches:




In-Spite Of
By-Means Of


Essay 3: (300-400 words; 15 points)
Certainly, all Five Pillars of the Islamic faith are important. However, you have been selected to introduce the basics of Islam to a class of people with limited patience and attention spans. You have time to explain only the one “Pillar” that you feel best shows the true meaning of Islam. Which do you chose? Why?

Explain the “pillar” in detail and provide support for why it is the one chosen.
WHY is this “pillar” the most important?And show command of the ideas of Islam in the response.

Essay 4: Final Semester Long Essay (35 points):
Your friend is writing a blog post on suffering and how religions deal with it.She doesnâ€t know where to start.She is on the verge of abandoning religion all together (even coming from a fairly non-religious family) because she cannot find a good explanation for suffering in the world.

You job is to explain three approaches to suffering (or why there is evil in the world) according to different religions in the world.
You then try to convince her to embrace one of the proposed options (even if you are not a member of that religion).
So, your response will:

Clearly present three approaches for explaining suffering/unhappiness/evil in the world (8 points for each approach)
An argument for one of these approaches (or a 4th approach) as the best accounting for suffering.This may require some more background into the religious tradition.

The argument should be compassionate, clear, and convincing…
The convincing nature of this argument (and demonstration of command of the ideas) is worth 10 points.

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