please write 600 750 words reflective report on the questions of this policy perspective

Please write 600-750 words reflective report on the questions of this Policy Perspective, after reading the scenario by using the information and theoretical concepts through your Chapter. The Questions at the end of the passage are supposed to guide you to form your own approach in policy -be creative by using the ‘theoretical concepts of our Chapter and further Research”.
You are expected to include further research information from valid resources online/current events and include the resources as your citation in order to support your report. In addition, you can use bullet form outline and short paragraphs to express your opinion.
Please paraphrase properly and use in-text citation through your short reflective report, by using APA or Chicago style format rules. Include 3-5 resources in your Bibliography and keep in mind to submit your essay/reflective response through Vericite system. *** do not use Wikipedia please … ***
Please Cite your Sources ( in-text citation and Bibliography)
LINK TO BOOK: Page 61.…
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