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How to do this? There are no hard and fast rules, here. Divide it up as you see fit. For example, you might delegate 2 paragraphs to exposition, 2 paragraphs for discussing the arguments/positions, 2 paragraphs for your own argument, 1 paragraph to consider a counter-argument and the final paragraph for your rebuttal of the counter-argument. Remember, this is only a rough guide and you might find (a) that something else works better for you, or (b) that you find your general format changes as you think about/write your essay. It is good now to get some brainstorming paper and start your initial planning. You might want to write the topic of each paragraph on a piece of paper, with a lot of space under it (so you can write your notes). In this way you can write down any notes, ideas, quotes etc. you have while you are doing your readings.

Now it is time to write your essay. I suggest to take the time to look at some suggestions about paragraph formation, grammar, spelling, expression, etc. There are some good books on this you might want to look at. It will be well worth your while! This may appear counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t you write the first bit first—that is to say—the introduction first? The answer is ‘no’. In saying this, it is good to have a plan before you write, but not an introduction. You should think of the introduction as a kind of map to help your reader navigate your essay. So it is best to write this last. Don’t use too many quotes. This should be a summary of what you have done in your essay. It should include a statement of what you think the essay has concluded as well as a brief summary of how you got there.

]. I have argued for this in the following way. ]. There were only two ways in which this challenge could be met. ]. It turned out that neither option was satisfactory. Now it is finally time to write your introduction. And, what do you know? It has pretty much written itself! Think of your introduction as a map of your essay, or perhaps as a guide. You know what your topic is; you know what your essay does (you wrote it!); so all you have to do is get your reader’s interest. But that is easy! All you need to do is say that you are going to argue for a certain position and the job is done, whalaa! I will argue for this in the following way. Remember, this is not a pro forma (something to simply copy). It is an example of what you might write. The format isn’t even essential, but it is good when you are starting out. All you need remember is the three points: introduce topic, get reader’s attention and give a map of your essay, and you will be well on your way. There are many other pointers that will help you in writing your essay. One of the most important ones is read it for any errors. And then read it again. And then once more, a day later, to ensure there weren’t any errors you missed. Other things that can help you is to brush up on your skills: referencing, grammar, spelling, practice exercises, and more. I suggest you do a search on hubpages, look at some books on essay writing, have a general search on the internet, and have a look at my other hubs on philosophy. Any comments are welcome.

If it is speciesist, is speciesism itself wrong? Finally, do these claims call for changes in the way that we live our lives? You should make extensive use of the assigned text(s) in supporting your answer. After watching the videos “Drones are Ethical” and “Drones are Not Ethical,” and taking note of the different considerations they make, identify one argument made in the videos that is clearly a utilitarian argument, and explain what makes it utilitarian. Also identify an argument that would not be a utilitarian argument (this can also be an argument for or against the use of drones). Explain how this sort of argument differs from a utilitarian one (you do not need to identify what kind of argument it is instead, just to point out how the considerations are different than utilitarian ones). Discuss with your peers whether the arguments they make are utilitarian or not, and the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches. Please read these assignment instructions before writing your paper, and re-read them often during and after the writing process to make sure that you are fulfilling all of the instructions. Please also utilize the assignment guidance and the outlined model provided.