Prepare a typed business memo in correct memo format* and submit it to your boss (me!) on the deadline date. Your business memo should include 4 paragraphs:

Business memo should include 4 paragraphs: 1) Introductory paragraph with a brief des?r?ption, based on your research/data, of what is happening at both the national and state (SC) level regarding deaths due to unintentional injuries/accidents. You must refer to the source of the data but do not have to cite. Example: ?According to NCHS, in 2014, etc.? (15 points) 2) 2nd paragraph: in which you identify one (1) public health problem related to unintentional injuries/accidents for one (1) specific age group in SC which deserves priority in terms of intervention and prevention. You must explain WHY you selected this problem and target population. (10 points) 3) 3rd paragraph: provide your suggestions for how to address this public health problem regarding deaths due to unintentional injuries/accidents among the priority population you select. Please be thoughtful. (20 points) Since the SC SDH already assumes that ?knowledge alone is not enough? to address public health problems, your suggestions CAN NOT include steps to increase ?awareness,? ?knowledge,? ?understanding,? or anything involving ?telling people? ? members of the PRIORITY POPULATION ? about the ?facts? or the ?statistics.? Therefore, you must include suggestions that address factors (i.e., social, environmental, political and policy determinants ? THE ?BULLSEYE?) beyond/outside of the individual members of the target population. 4) A 4th summary paragraph in which you include the key points from paragraphs 1-3 and offer to follow-up/to meet with me to discuss your findings and recommendations. (5 points) * Please consult various sources for an acceptable business memo format; do not make it up! You can even use Microsoft Word?s memo template if you wish. If you do, you must delete the large heading at the top (?Memo? or ?Memorandum?, etc.) if there is one. Grammar, Writing & Format: (10 points) ? Page requirement: 2 pages, typed with 1.15 line spacing; margins no smaller than .75 all around. ? You must include all four (4) criteria in the numbered list above. ? See the grading rubric posted BEFORE you begin writing. ? Spelling, grammar and how clear you write count; points will be deducted if you write poorly. This is a professional business memo ? not a text or an email. ? I am serious. If I can not read your first few sentences (i.e., they are poorly written, unorganized, contain grammatical errors, etc.), I will not grade your paper and you will receive a zero. ? If your memo contains suggestions or recommendations that use the words: ?increase knowledge,? ?tell them the facts/tell them the data,? ?make people aware,? ?show them the statistics,? ?educate people? or any similar combination of words or ideas, you will earn a zero (0) for part 2 of this assignment (the memo).