Process Design Matrix and Summary

Complete the process design matrix.  You will post this as a separate excel file to the assignments tab.

  • Research the processes used to manufacture the products and deliver the services listed in the matrix.  You are likely familiar with some of these.  Most also have youtube videos you can reiew.  Complete at least the 4 line items from  the left side of the matrix marked in yellow.  Excellent papers address the four aspects highlighted in yellow plus at least one more.


Write an executive summary identifying appropriate design approaches for the products and services shown on the Process Matrix included in Student Materials.

  • Develop a 700-word Executive Summary in which you summatize the information shown in your matrix.  Discuss the differences between manufacturing the products in the matrix from delivering the services in the matrix. Why are these different.

Format your assignment consistent with APA format.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.