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Those observations are analyzed to determine if your hypothesis is supported or rejected. Draw a Conclusion: From your observations and analysis, decide on the support or lack of support for your hypothesis. Communicate your Results: In a science fair project, your results are communicated in a final report or on a display board. All aspects of the steps you followed are included in your communication. Various questions can be asked that can be examined by scientific inquiry through a field study. Here is an example of a simple problem about behaviour of birds at bird feeders that can be posed and investigated by elementary students. Problem: Does time of day affect the number of birds feeding at bird feeders? Another question might be: Do weather conditions affect the number of birds at bird feeders? Background Research: Students, using the web links provided, research the typical foraging (eating) behaviour of wild birds (on-line resources 1 therefore, they require a lot of energy.

They keep up their energy reserves by foraging often throughout the day. They also have a four-chambered heart like humans which provides maximum oxygen for cells by preventing oxygen-rich blood from mixing with oxygen-poor blood within the heart. More oxygen to the cells means that more energy can be released from burning sugar during respiration. There are about 9000 species of birds which are divided into 24 orders and 146 families.¹ Most birds species use flying as their means of locomotion (moving from place to place). Some can run very fast and others are excellent swimmers. Many birds are excellent at all three modes of locomotion. All birds have feathers which are modified scales from their reptile ancestors. Obviously, herbivores are the group of birds which would be most attracted to a home bird feeder. The extra energy birds require for nesting and courtship is provided during the spring. The largest bird and the fastest runner is the Ostrich.

The smallest bird is the Bee hummingbird. The fastest swimmers are Gentoo Penguins. Birds with wing claws are the Hoatzin, African Touraco and the Ostrich. Poisonous birds include the Hooded Pitohui and Ifrita. What are scientists who study birds called? What animal group is thought to be the direct ancestor of birds? Why do birds have a four-chambered heart? How do birds keep up their energy reserves for flying? What are the three functions of feathers? What feeding groups can birds be divided into? Click thumbnail to view full-size Have your students present this field study as a science fair project. Have a mini science fair in the class or gym and invite students and teachers from other classes to visit and ask questions. Your students will gain confidence and pride from presenting their hard work and successfully fielding questions from other teachers and class mates. What a wonderful opportunity to foster a love of science throughout your school community. How Much have you learned about Basic Bird Biology?

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. The Frog Life cycle hub will keep inspiring more lesson plan hubs. I love teaching the wonder of science and incorporating field study into classroom work has always been part of my teaching style as an environmental science graduate! I wish I taught 6th grade! This is such an amazing lesson! I have a bunch of bird feeders in our yard and love watching them. If I were teaching, I would definitely use this lesson. Cara, thanks so much for the positive feedback. I appreciate the share with your colleagues. The birds were cold around our place today. This was a very comprehensive lesson plan. If we taught about birds in fourth grade, I’d definitely be using this. Sharing with my teacher friends! I agree JKenny, kids have less and less time out of the classroom. There is so much emphasis on standardized testing and other non-academic ‘stuff’ that the kids no longer have time to just ‘smell the roses’ and examine the world to learn by doing! Thank-you so much for sharing. Glad you enjoyed the hub. I have always loved watching birds and this was a great way to share that. Great lesson plan, Teresa. I really wish that schools put more emphasis on teaching children about the natural world. The kids will love this, hopefully some will gain the same sort of passion that I did, when I started learning about birds. Voted up and shared. This is an awesome lesson plan, and should really engage the students. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and shared.