Project 10-1
1. Your employer is opening a new location, and the IT director has assigned you the task of calculating the subnet numbers for the new LAN. You’ve determined that you
need 50 subnets for the Class B network beginning wit the network ID How many host bits will you need to use for network information in the new subnets?

2. After the subnetting is complete, how many unused subnets will be waiting on hold for future expansion, and how many possible hosts can each subnet contain?

3. What is the new subnet mask?

4. Complete the following table:

5. What is the CIDR notation for this network?

6. What is the broadcast address of the subnet for the host at

7. Is the host at on the sane subnet as the host at How do you know.

This assignment is due at 12 midnight today for me, so that’s 8 hours away form now, the table you need to use for this assignment is found on page 539 in the book I
send you a screenshot of. I can find the page on google but it wont let me look at u because I have already viewed to many pages out of this book for free. its on page
539 under project 10-1 Calculate subnets. Let me know if you can find it, if you cant, ill remake the table and send it. Let me know if your up for the job?
Project does not have any attached

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