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In your paper, you need the following items:

An organized introduction with a clear thesis statement, which supports your purpose of proposing solutions to homelessness in Indiana
Body paragraphs that support your thesis statement with evidence from the Rescue Mission, articles, and books
Proper paraphrasing and quoting from at least four reliable sources including trustworthy websites, journals, newspapers, and books to support your claims
An organized conclusion

Your paper must adhere to the following guidelines:

4 to 5 pages in length, excluding the Works Cited page
Double-spaced, Times New Roman/Calibri, 12-point font
MLA format
1-inch margins
Use MLA in-text citations for references to course handouts and other sources
Have a Works Cited page
Use at least three reliable sources including websites, newspapers, journals, and books
Use correct punctuation, grammar, and mechanics
Use complete sentences

Can use these sources with the essay ?
Evans, William, Philips, David, and Ruffini, Krista. “Reducing and Preventing Homelessness: A Review of the Evidence and Charting a Research Agenda.” Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. 2019.
Fowler, Patrick, Hovmand, Peter, Marcal, Katherine, Das Sanmay. “Solving Homelessness from a Complex Systems Perspective: Insights for Prevention Responses” Annu RevPublic Health, vol. 40, April 2019, pp. 465-486.
Oudshoorn, Abe. “Homelessness as a Fusion Policy Problem” London, Ontario: FIMS & Nursing Building

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