In this document of QRB 501 Week 2 Individual Assignment Levels of Measurement Simultaneous Equations and Time Series Ver 1 you will find the next information:

1. Levels of Measurement

a. Which of the 12 variables are qualitative and which are quantitative?

b. Determine the level of measurement for each variable.

2. Simultaneous Equations

Manchester Foundry produced 45,000 tons of steel in March at a cost of ?1,150,000. In April, the foundry produced 35,000 tons at a cost of ?950,000. Using only these two data points, determine the cost function for Manchester.

3. Time Series

Analysis of liquidity and profitability measures of Gateway, Inc. (Check our website for future updates.) The following summarized data (amounts in thousands) are taken from the December 31, 1999, and 1998, comparative financial statements of Gateway, Inc., a direct marketer and distributor of personal computers (PCs) and PC related products:

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