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I very much enjoyed reading your hub, poem and quotes. What a fantastic Hub. Totally excellent. I know many are guilty of using the wrong words for various reasons and there is a big lesson to learn with what you have written. The Blind Man video shows real Faith. I had some of that verbal abuse and it does hurt and causes complexes if not dealth with. Voted across the board except funny. As a newcomer on the Hub pages I find the Hub interesting. Pamela K – Yes, it can take a lifetime to overcome abusive words hurled at us in child hood. I know that from experience. But what a glorious accomplishment it is! Your words are very powerful sunnie and let’s hope others that have come to this hub will find them and read. Thank you so much! Veda, the Hindu Book of Scripture, says Sabda Brahma, Word is God. Without word,even God does not exist.

I just loved your work. I want to thank you for reading my hub and leaving a lovely comment. It’s obvious you are one that knows the importance of using words which support others! Mekenzie – Yes, silence can truly be a form of abuse and is seldom recognized as such. I’m glad you caught that. Thank you for appreciating my poem as it came from my heart. I’m so glad you came by and want to thank you for linking this hub to your own. I will read your hub on this subject and link it to this one as well. ChristyWrites – Gee, thanks Christy for the great votes on this hub. I’m so pleased that you liked it and I want you to know you are a great support system for me. Marcy Goodfleisch – As you have said – words can cut deeper than physical abuse and those scars remain for a lifetime. We may carelessley and with anger throw a word out at someone and not even remember having done it.

We don’t mean to. But the damage is already done. This is amazing. I had to fight back the tears! This offers great direction towards becoming better parents. Dear Dim – What a fantastic support system I have found in you! Hub after hub (about 125 or so) you have knocked at my door and brought me such joy. Your goodness know no bounds my friend. Homesteadbound – With you, your sisters your adopted children and then me all surviving child abuse perhaps we can turn some of this around by sharing more of our stories. It’s not easy. It takes courage and support to talk about it. One of the biggest side effects that come from abuse is shame. It begins with the use of words. You are one of the most giving people I know. What with your website (s) created to help others as well as all you give (information, support, dividers 🙂 – well there you have it.

I love this piece; it is so positive and uplifting. That old saying is ridiculous (sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me). The person who first said this was either in denial or living under a rock. Our words do hurt and so we need to be cautious what we say. Thank you for sharing this piece! 48 – You do me honor with your compliments and so I am very touched. Having lived “in the line of fire” as a child with angry, abusive words thrown here and there I learned first hand how the use of words can either make or break the spirit. Your kindness brings forth the very best example of how the right words given in the right way can both heal the broken spirit and generate new power and light. Hi Charlotte – Your response to my hub is music to my ears.