This is the Critical Assignment. 

See the attached PDF file (Due: Day 4 by 11:59pm)

Assignment Possible Points: 200 

Make sure your case study report includes the following structures: (1) Introduction, (2) Data Presentation, (3) Model Specification, (4) Interpretation of Results, (5) Integration of Biblical Principle, and (6) Policy Recommendations & Conclusion.

Introduction – Paper must define the problem scope and outline the objectives of the analysis in a clear, concise, and professional manner (1 page)

Data Presentation: Paper must present a summary of data in an accurate and professional manner, and provide accurate interpretation of the data. The calculation of cost for nuts in three mixes should be provided accurately. (1 page)

Model Specification: Paper must specify the appropriate linear programming model in an accurate and professional manner. Provide details & accurate equations for objective functions, constraints and decision variables and their descriptions.(3 pages)

Interpretation of Results: Paper must provide a clear, concise, consistent and accurate summary of results from linear programming models. The results should be based on answer reports, and sensitivity reports (shadow price, allowable increase & allowable decrease, etc). The interpretations must be understandable to the general public.  (2 pages)

Policy Recommendations & Conclusions: Paper must address policy recommendations and/or   implications in the business world in a professional manner. In other words, students must provide a clear recommendation and plan of action that CJ Food, Inc. must take in their future decision making process, based on the results from a linear programming model(s). (2 pages)

Integration of Biblical Principle: Paper must identify and integrate biblical principles into the decision making process in an appropriate and insightful manner (1 page)

Also, refer to the following rubric for this assignment

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