Racial differences in Classroom Behavior And Their Impact on Academic Achievements Among Kindergarten Students

– The problems with the thesis are the following:

Literature review:
1. Many of the paper that you reference are either not cited, do not exist or do not state what you claim them to state. This leads me to believe that you have not actually read many of the papers that you reference or that you have read them incorrectly.

1. You still have not included results from the factor analysis of your behavioral measures. I had asked you to include these results but they are not presented and are not discussed. The behavioral measures are your main independent variables. Your need to show that they have been constructed properly and that they measures what you claim them to measure.


The discussion of results and conclusion needs to be centered around answering the research question. You need to discuss and explain why the Black-white gap reduces across models and elaborate on these findings in the conclusion.