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It is important to understand the ways in which managing work/life balance contribute to the overall emotional and social development of adults. Donald Super’s life-span model further explores the implications of incorporating self-concept into vocational choices. Super postulates work as being fundamental to psychosocial and cognitive development in adulthood (Mossler & Ziegler, 2016). This model further helps explain the ways in which incorporating values and beliefs of personhood into vocational choices lends to overall career satisfaction.
In addition, John Holland took this a step further to incorporate people’s innate traits and characteristics into vocational choices. He focused on interests, intelligence, skills, and values that further contributed to vocational satisfaction and broke these down into six types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. This model allows for individuals to present as a blend of the different types, allowing vocational choices to be made accordingly. Critique of Holland’s model is that it does not take into account developmental level of individuals taking the assessment. That is, a middle-school student and a college-student may present with similar categorical results, but the developmental implications will be vastly different.
A best practice I incorporate into my life that lends to work/life balance is check lists. As a full-time graduate student, I always have multiple tasks that need to be completed on any given day. I have found that making check lists with tasks that need to be completed over the course of the week and then breaking it down further into daily tasks is incredibly useful. This contributes to balance in my life in that I have a tangible list of things that need to be completed for work before I engage in other activities. There is an intrinsic motivation in the aforementioned practice, as I enjoy the work I am doing and feel as though this enjoyment lends to my value and belief systems. This can be tied back to Holland’s model in that motivating factors are primarily intrinsically sourced.
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