reading assignment w rhetorical cricticism

Read the attachment and answer questions.
Methods we learn are
-Rhetorical Situation
-1st Persona
-2nd Persona
-3rd Persona

I can provide more info on the method if you need.

the author’s thesis statement

A SINGLE statement, a declarative sentence.

For example: In this essay, I argue that the visual composition of these images creates a metonymic representation.
Tip: You might find a quote stating the author’s primary claim (if so, include the page number!), but you might have to paraphrase/summarize several statements.

a summary of the reading

In your own words — not the abstract from the article!
Tip: It should cover the whole reading, but focus on the METHOD, not the case studies/examples. Remember, the rest of the class will not have read the article. What do they most need to know, relating to this method of rhetorical criticism, based on this essay or chapter?

a step-by-step guide for using the method

First, do this, then do that… A numbered list of how, specifically, to do this type of analysis.
Tip: Previous students note this is one of the most helpful contributions!

great quotes

Poignant, noteworthy, or useful quotes. If you were going to pull something from this reading to include in your criticism posts or final post, what would it be?
Tip: Make sure to include quotation marks and page numbers!

key concepts or vocabulary related to the method

Tip: make sure to include a definition from the reading (not a dictionary!)

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