‘Reading Response paper’ by using first paper which i have done before and folding with additional resources to support – custom papers

‘Reading Response paper’ by using first paper which i have done before and folding with additional resources to support1. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to build on the work that you didfor the first paper by folding in additional research coming from other readings inthe class and from your own research using a scholarly source.2. It is also intended to allow you to improve on your earlier work by having theopportunity to work on it again and make changes based on the feedbackprovided by your TA.3. Your new paper will address at least one of the following questions:a. Does the second reading and my additional scholarly source help mefurther explain what I liked and didn’t like about the original article that Ireviewed?b. Can I identify a broader theme emerging when I combine what I wroteabout the first reading with what I see in the second reading and theadditional scholarly source I have consulted?c. Does the second reading and my additional scholarly source provideadditional evidence or support for the arguments that the author of thefirst reading is making?4. To start, take the first reading response paper (provided below) you completed for this class5. Review the comments and suggestions for improvement offered by your TA6. Then select any one of the readings from the following list:a. Juulb. Grossmanc. Poniewozikd. hookse. Hasinoff. Shawg. Machadoh. Gillespiei. Goggin and Ellisj. Sternek. Morozovl. Marwick and boydm. Gershenfeld and Vasseurn. Busho. van Dijckp. Dossq. Maxwell and Millerr. Sturken7. Select a scholarly source of your own. By “scholarly source” I am referring to abook or article in a scholarly journal that is accessible through the CarletonUniversity library. In choosing the scholarly source you should look for articles orbooks that are on the same subject or theme as at least one of the two readingsyou are using from the class.8. Are you wondering whether you could use a scholarly article or book referencedin the readings for this class or in the first or second readings you are covering forthis assignment as your outside source. The answer is “yes”, as long as the source(book or journal) is available through the Carleton University library.9. Now you can start the process of re-writing the reading response paper in such away that addresses as least one of the questions outlined in #3.10. This assignment is to be no more than 5-6 (double-spaced) pages in length. Pleaseuse 12-point font. In addition, your paper should have a title page that has yourname, student number, date of submission, and the name of the course.11. You may choose any bibliographic citation format that you wish, provided that itis consistent throughout the document.
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