Are women and men really so different? In a single word, yes! Perhaps it is genetics or maybe it is simply the effect of societal expectations and standards, but the fact is that as men and women we do think a little differently about some matters related to relationships.

In modern times we have progressed in how we interact in relationships. The transition has taken place over the last few decades and some of us are more advanced than others in dealing with this. One example is that most men appreciate it when the woman takes an initiative to be the aggressor in a relationship, or even in the pursuit of a relationship.

Not surprisingly, many men appreciate it if the woman tries to lose some of her inhibitions. This is apparent in the bedroom as well as in other aspects of the relationship. Additionally, in many instances men seem to think of dating as a way of having fun and not necessarily an emotional commitment complete with complications.

Because of that women need to be willing to take things slowly. Expecting an exclusive relationship or that he will profess his love for you too soon may result in complete withdrawal from the relationship.

Even though most of us have progressed to freely sharing our feelings and intimate secrets with our loved ones some people, especially men, have difficulty with this. If this is the case in your situation it is important to remain nonjudgmental and allow your partner to withdraw on occasion. In fact, as strange as it seems, a little space may help move your relationship forward.

Constant badgering about how he really feels can make him uncomfortable and ill at ease. That will often result in avoidant behavior. Keep in mind that your time together should be fun.

When you are together you should not talk about past relationships or lovers. It is never okay to compare your present relationship or partner with someone from the past. Leave the past in the past. Always remember that you are here today, and that your goal is to make today and the rest of your life the best it can be. Learn from your past and use that knowledge to improve your future.

Dwelling on how a past relationship or person did you wrong or caused turmoil in your life does nothing but focus on negativity. Instead remember what was good about the past and how it taught you something. There really is something to be gained from every experience that you live through.

By attempting to understand the differences in men and women you can more easily relate to your partner. Work on developing a great friendship. I cannot preach that simple fact often enough. A relationship that is built on friendship will be a solid one.