Research Paper and Interview in Social Diversity

Research Paper and Interview in Social Diversity


Paper instructions:

Research Paper and Interview in Social Diversity

The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature of social diversity in our society. Your assignment is to do research on a racial/ethnic group and interview a person from that different racial or ethnic group. Please select a group other than your own!

You many choose from a variety of socially diverse people such as: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, or Euro-American Ethnic Groups (Italian, Greek, Polish, Jewish, etc.).

Your paper must include these sections:

Introduction to what your paper will cover
A detailed research exploration of the racial/ethnic group. Include a history of the group in the U.S., issues relating to assimilation, prejudice, discrimination and intergroup relations. This will require the use of a variety of resources to gain this detailed information.
A detailed exploration of their background (biography)
The traditions, customs and beliefs of this person/group
Problems that this person and group have experienced such as: prejudice, discrimination, racism, stereotypes, etc.
How this person has assimilated into the American culture and the degree to which they have or have not fully assimilated.
A conclusion of what your paper covered
Therefore, your paper will be structured with headings as follows:

Introduction: (tell the reader what you will cover)
History of the Racial/Ethnic Group:
Issues Relating to the Group:
Background Information: The Interview
Traditions, Customs and Beliefs:
Problems Facing this Person:
Assimilation Issues:
Conclusion: (tell the reader what you covered)

This is an exercise in both the real world of social diversity and the academic issues involved with the racial/ethnic group. You must use extensive research for the first portion of the paper and a detailed interview to get the information for the second portion of the paper. Therefore, this paper will not simply require you to throw information from a variety of resources into a paper and not fully understand the issues. You are required to research the group and then actually interview a person to learn about real world issues.

Make sure you construct a detailed interview outline before you interview your subject person.

Your paper must be:

Typed in 12 point Arial font
One inch margins (top, bottom, left and right)
10 – 15 pages in length (feel free to exceed this suggestion)
Save your document in Microsoft Word only!!!
Please include your name on the first page of the term paper!
Use APA format for citation of references
Use Topic Headings