Research Paper – Does tea stain your teeth?

1. Title Page – includes the title of your project, your name, school, grade, teacher, and the date the project is due 2. Acknowledgements – a personal thank you to anyone who helped you with the project. It could include parents, teachers, siblings, librarian, scientist and any other person who assisted you with any part of your project. 3. Question – the specific question you ask for your experiment. This can be placed on its own page or right before beginning the research portion of your research paper. 4. Background Research – a. Start by brainstorming topic ideas. Think of other questions you have about your topic and make a list. b. Use books from the library and the internet to find out interesting and relevant information about your topic. c. Rewrite the information you find in your own words. Do not copy from the book or print pages from the internet. This is PLAGARISM and it is illegal. If you need help, ask an adult for assistance. d. Make sure to keep track of all the books, websites and articles you used to get your information so you can list your sources in your bibliography. 5. Sources/Bibliography – an alphabetical listing of books, articles, and other sources, including websites, that you used when researching your topic. Visit for an explanation of how this should be written. 6. Follow the directions provide by your teacher to complete your